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  1. 37

    Yamaha R1 5VY

    Looking for some advice, trying to run a 200 section rear but when it swells it rubs on the swing arm, can’t put a longer chain on as it then hits the rear of the adjuster slots..... What do others run?
  2. 120 / 200 scrubs wanted what’s available?
  3. Hi could you send me some pics and price? markcossar@btinternet.com
  4. Hi is it still available if so could you send some pics please markcossar@btinternet.com
  5. As title says its out of a K1-K4 but will definitely fit up to k6 unsure on k7 onwards, it's used but no signs of wear on any dogs or teeth. £320 delivered.
  6. Hi do you have any pics? After one of the SC2 rears and the SC1 front, markcossar@btinternet.com Cheers
  7. How old are they? Could you send me a pic please markcossar@btinternet.com Cheers mark
  8. is this still available?
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