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  1. Started a blog

    http://www.mackintoshracing.com/2018/01/18/getting-the-bike-ready-part-1/ latest blog
  2. Started a blog

    So to go with my blog i have started a vlog too on the youtube. Its basically documenting my prep for the 2018 season then will follow me through it. if you guys like it please like, share and subscribe. I am trying to get to 100 subscribers before the first race :-) its at www.youtube.com/keepleft99
  3. Started a blog

    http://www.mackintoshracing.com/?p=444&preview=true latest blog out. about the prep for the 2018 racing season.
  4. Started a blog

    I have done a wee review of 2017 before i start with 2018. let me know what you think and if you could like and share it to people that might be interested that be magic! http://www.mackintoshracing.com/2018/01/05/2017-year-in-review/
  5. Engine Refresh

    So I had my engine rebuild and checked last year. its just an aircooled duacti so pretty simple. But what gets done on an engine "refresh". I've heard it so much but i dont actually know what is included/what it does. Can anyone advise?
  6. Started a blog

    http://www.mackintoshracing.com/2017/10/09/stick-or-twist/ latest blog post about what or where to race next year. Let me know what you think.
  7. Started a blog

    yeah i was a bit like - what can i offer someone other than good will. but if someone wanted my bike painted with their logo or whatever i could see that but not just a free handout.
  8. Started a blog

    yeah i am pretty fit at the moment. cycle to work everyday. haha you make slimming world sound so attractive. But yeah i've started going back to the gym regularly (week im on week 2) and started playing tennis. I've got a degree in sport and exercise science so shouldnt be too hard to put a plan together to lose the weight. if i just exercise a little more and cut out the junk i'll slim down. its not my fatness that is the problem for the leathers, im just super lanky. i've tried on quite a few and they dont seem to fit my shape. RST seem to the best and thats what i wore before. Yeah i know spain will be a lot cheaper than texas tornado ranch but how amazing would it be to do the texas tornado one! yeah i think the suspension and needs a proper rear shock. will maybe do that in the offseason. I'm thinking about possibly going back to uni so that might skupper my plans for racing and stuff but we will see. thanks for your reply though. nice to see people read it and keep up to date with my antics. someone on the scottish ducati club suggested started a crowdfund page so they could help contribute. any thoughts on that idea?
  9. Started a blog

    http://www.mackintoshracing.com/2017/08/18/checkered-flag-on-my-season/ sad news for my 2017 season but i'll be back! just like Arnie lol
  10. Started a blog

    Yeah i didnt really have a choice, apart from racing i dont really ride the bike. i wanted to change to race shift before Anglesey as i thought I would have a chance at doing well there. It was just a shame i didnt get the full morning practice or i think i'd have been ok for the championship race on the saturday. yeah i have thought about how to get it in front of people. I have about 100+ people who view it per blog post. I contacted a local company firecrest moto to see if they would buy me a set of tyres but they didnt get back to me. Ducati Glasgow have said no in the past. I dont really know who else to ask as I dont have a lot of connections with small business people.
  11. Started a blog

    http://www.mackintoshracing.com/2017/07/12/castle-combe-i-am-not-the-king/ latest blog post after Castle Combe at the weekend. Had another off :-( Let me know what you think. Andy
  12. Started a blog

    awww well. maybe at Anglesey if i get my stuff all sorted. buying new leathers might be a restrctive cost :-(
  13. Started a blog

    Did you? What was I doing? Most of the weekend I was lying about bored because we were so late on.
  14. Started a blog

    just go for it. you'll find the money somehow.
  15. Started a blog

    Thanks. yeah the costs are mounting up. ive not even updated it in a month and after the crash it will jump up quite a lot.