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  1. 100% Can you send photos of the parts you need?
  2. Ok no worries I'm in Aberdeenshire and the sides and cover are pretty heavy so I'd put them on a pallet for you but youd have to organise a courier to collect? Yours for £120
  3. Hi curlydog, Do you have any spares for sale?
  4. Hi jaydeetz, Do you have any spares for sale?
  5. Hi philly46, Do you have any other spares available?
  6. Hi Ginger, I think my post is a bit misleading. The Gazebo in the photo was before the wind damage. I've contacted motoforum admin to remove the post but I haven't received any communication back? The Gazebo is Spares or Repair only.
  7. 4.5m x 3m Surfturf Gazebo breaking for Spares. Gazebo sustained wind damage at Knockhill. All sides panels and roof cover are in good condition. Frame & Legs to be broken for spares as some damage. PM me for details and price
  8. 4.5M x 3M Surf n Turf Gazebo Spares 85% Complete. Was damaged in windy conditions. Will sell 'as is' or break for spares. Message for details.
  9. Ill take one of the front brakes if they are still available?
  10. You can tell which model it is by the swingarm. The pre injection 5EB has a rectangular box section style swingarm
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