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  1. Hi can anyone tell me what I need to remove the ABS on my bike any info like what to remove and what I need to replace the part I've remove thamks
  2. What the cost for the fairings and what the area you live at
  3. Do you still have the fairings would you take £250 delivered to Sheffield I can pay with PayPal asap
  4. I made you a offer for the fairings rearsets and the top triple clamp
  5. Do you still have fairings rearsets and do you have the top of the triple clamp the one the the ignition barrel fit in
  6. Can you send me photos terencebennett@hotmail.com
  7. can you send phots please terencebennett@hotmail.com
  8. hi how much for the fairings where about are you
  9. tez

    R6 parts/spares

    hi I'm interested in 13s seat unit how much posted to Sheffield any pictures thanks tez
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