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  1. Only standard forks or forks with valve kit 👍
  2. Breaking my 2011 triumph 675 Been my race bike last 4 years DM me for anything you need. Thanks very much
  3. Hi Will have your mud guard if still available and happy to post
  4. Thanks Matt Arrived today
  5. Not pointing any fingers but someone who used to work for Donny security said to me there are a few dodgy guys within the team..... something needs to be done it happens far more here than any other circuit
  6. Just a heads up to stay lock your mountain bikes up when at Race/track days. Had my Commencal mountain bike stolen while at the last round of the No limits race series at Donington Park. Not unusual at Donington I hear. My fault didn't lock it up while I was on my van watching the rugby. It was lent against my van. Any way the point of this is to say keep them locked up next season. I have seen some super expensive bikes around the paddock just laying around. Although normally a very friendly bunch there's always one twat. Rant over.
  7. Can anyone recommend a quick action throttle for 2011 675. Loads on ebay etc.... but don't want a crappy one. Cheers all!
  8. Cheers. Glad I won't be sitting in a bucket to have a wash
  9. Guys, are there showers at snet. Might seem a stupid question but my tiny van only has a sink and I will have a job getting in it over a race wkend.
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