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  1. Sorry mate. Didn’t get notified about your reply. I’ve got some 2016 crc panels. Not full set. Not to sure what the 15 model. Don’t think crc.
  2. I’ve got a bike and a bike in bits for spares. It’s all got to go. K-tech DDS rear shock. (10 spring, my wet shock) K-tech 25mm front forks. (Both got serviced at Bsb brands end of last year) complete set of wheels, with virtually brand new set of tyres on, rear done 4 laps. arrow end can, just missing the sticker. 60mm so much to list...... frame, no v5. It’s a race bike. 2x subframes. Swing arm. Repaired tank. 2 or 3 looms. Engine that makes 204bhp. Dyno to prove. Load of fairings, 15 and 16 shape. If you need anything or got any questions my number is 07740
  3. It’s got ono on the last price. What’s the best price you’ll take for it please? Cheers
  4. Sorry for late reply. Yes sold and in the post.
  5. Sorry, it's used. It's all there including the ball bearings. All set up and ready to go.
  6. Yamaha r6 1999 5eb sigma slipper clutch for sale. Bought this for my r6 but the bikes now sold so won't be needing it. £400 ono cheers
  7. Hello mate, do you have a quick shifter or steering damper? Cheers
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