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  1. joh106

    Thumb brake

    Thumb brake wanted preferably fork mounted.
  2. joh106

    Honda CBR1000rr 08+ Breaking full bike

    Hi did you manage to send the photos of the rearsets thanks Kris
  3. joh106

    Honda CBR1000rr 08+ Breaking full bike

    Can you send photos to kris45@hotmail.co.uk
  4. joh106

    Honda CBR1000rr 08+ Breaking full bike

    How much for the rear sets and what condition are they in.
  5. joh106

    KTM RC8 race exhaust and reverse shift.

    DQ race exhaust for KTM RC8 know on eBay for starting price of £300.
  6. joh106

    Donington track day

    Noisy day at Donington available tomorrow advanced group with no limits, I have had a electrical problem with my bike so I won’t make it. But if you turn up to the track early tomorrow you can buy a place directly from no limits or phone the office, the weather is looking excellent. Am not selling the place no limits are.
  7. joh106

    KTM RC8 race exhaust and reverse shift.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sato-KTM-RC8-Reverse-Shift-Plate-Rearsets/153509575256?pageci=5d3cce4f-b92b-454c-a50e-f0d72c89cd55 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KTM-RC8-DQ-race-exhaust-with-removable-sports-cats-/153509589864?pageci=1f0ef0ca-9fb3-4d85-a0d2-97e51cc4647d
  8. joh106

    KTM RC8 race exhaust and reverse shift.

    £600 for the exhaust
  9. Stato KTM reverse shift plate, a must have to convert to race shift. £30 Manuel De Liso DQ exhaust Has been repacked 400miles ago comes with dB killers and sports cat very nice sounding exhaust and fits directly on to standard headers, has got a couple of dents on the cans but this is just wear and tear because of were they are located. £700
  10. joh106

    170mm shock linkage for 08-16 cbr1000rr

    Is this a HRC linkage. Thanks Kris
  11. joh106

    Thumbrake clamp anodised black

    Hi there What make and size is the clamp. is there any damage can you send photos. Thanks Kris
  12. joh106

    cbr 1000rr stm kit gearbox cylinder head

    Hi Tom We spoke on the phone on Thursday night could you send me all the FW numbers that are stamped on the head. kris45@hotmail.co.uk Thanks in Advance Kris
  13. joh106

    AIM Solo GPS Lap Timer

    Is it in good working order with all the accessories, would you accept £200.
  14. joh106

    Honda cbr 1000 rr 09

    Hi Jack where about is it your located and could you send me some pictures of the bike, kris45@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks Kris

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