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  1. Hi, are the Diamond rearsets still available?
  2. I have an Accossato 19x18 m/c which is very well made, a noticeable improvement over standard and a good price for forum members from Mike at BikersDiscountStore on here. You could go for a 19x20 if you want more braking for less effort, but I find the 19x18 a good compromise for power vs feel.
  3. Is this still for sale?
  4. Some useful reading here - https://www.bikerandbike.co.uk/guide-cat-b-c-d-motorbike-write-offs/
  5. These are in good condition and function perfectly. There is a small repair to the front warmer (see last photo), which was done by Holroyd themselves to fix a very small hole. £70 plus £6 delivery
  6. You should give Conti Race Attacks a try at around £240 a pair (the soft/medium compounded ones). I have been using them for a couple of years and they grip well, last well (I get at least 4 track days from the rear tyre - about mid fast group pace) and they seem less pressure sensitive compared to SC1/SC2's. They were reportedly developed by a team of ex Pirelli/Metzeler people. IMHO they are massively under-rated and overlooked.
  7. Hi, is this still for sale? If so, whereabouts are you based?
  8. ATE TYP200 and Motul RBF600 have been good for me.
  9. Found this on here - http://www.motoforum.net/topic/79076-zx6r-wheel-compatibility/ Also check out zx6r.com there is usually pretty good info on there in terms of parts compatibility.
  10. I love it. It now takes less lever effort/movement to brake very hard with 2 fingers, but there is plenty of 'feel' and is definitely not an on/off switch. It only took a session to get used to it. If anything, the feel with the Accossato is better and my brake fade issues are massively reduced (next 'to-do' is a caliper rebuild/upgrade). The 19x20 m/c will be firmer still, but I am more than happy with the 19x18 model. I was cautious about a newer second-hand m/c, as none of the sellers (mainly breakers) knew the history of them. Given that mine was fine at road speeds, but started to fade when pushed hard on the track, there was a risk of spending £100+ to find out that it also had issues. The Accossato was more than I had originally planned to spend, but my brake fade issues were getting very frustrating!
  11. I replaced my tired old B1H master cylinder at the start of this year with an Accossato 19x18 m/c. Big improvement over the original (a 14mm piston) both in braking power and feel. The Accossato is a 19mm piston, which pushes almost twice as much fluid. I originally looked at a newer Kawasaki master cylinder, but given that a reasonable second-hand one was looking like £60-£80, plus £40 for new braided hoses, I opted for a new Accossato for a little extra (with free braided hoses) from Mike at BikersDiscountStore on here.
  12. Had one on my ZX6R for nearly 3 years and my R6 2-3 years previous to that too. More than happy with them!!
  13. Same ballpark as above. I was advised 32.5F and 26R hot (direct from Conti) for 120/180's.
  14. Hi Joe, the fairing is provisionally sold, pending collection this weekend. I'll let you know if it falls through. Cheers.
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