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  1. send me pics please to brg1000@hotmail.com or 07921849076
  2. Translogic Quickshifter and Blip assist Yamaha YZF R1 2007 - 2020 R6 2006 - 2020. The is4 Quickshifter kit is used but just about. The blip assist is brand new and unused. This kit is suitable for the R6 from 2006 and the R1 from 2007. I checked with Translogic and they confirmed that it is the same kit used for the models I quote. The is4 system can be fitted to any GSXR R1 R6 Zx6R ZX10R or CBR from 2000 onwards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERBxFeTZp90&t=103s Translogic make superb shifters and they are very highly recommended by road rider, track riders and racersalike. New these cost £720. Offering these for £450. That is very good vale as far as I am concerned. Full fitting instructions are included as well as the link rods. Its coming ready to plug and play. Fitting will take time but there is no cutting or splicing of wires. I prefer to sell as a complete kit but will split if I get offers for both separately. Full kit. is4 and blip assist £450 + delivery not interested in any less. If you want to haggle then £475 or near offer. is4 on its own £260. blip assist £210. Pictures on request. Barry 07921849076
  4. Translogic autoblipper for fly by wire throttles R6 06 - 20 and R1 09 - 20. Fitting this unit REQUIRES a translogic is4 or QS4 quickshifter with the dual Translogic DURASHIFT quickshifter already fitted. This allows both up and down shifts without using the clutch. Brand new boxed unused - rrp £300. £225 or near offer. Barry 07921 849 076
  5. Akrapovic titanium hex. Good condition with minor marks from use. Can take removable baffle but I dont have one. Complete with hanging strap. £225 delivered UK. No offers £225 is cheap as chips. Pics on request. 07921 849 076
  6. Ok bud, send me some contact details and a PayPal address.


  7. Just as the title says. This is3 is the latest Translogic offering with the new durashift (push/pull) shifter. Working perfectly and guaranteed good. Comes with the link rod for the 675. £225 or near offer. Pics on request. Bart 07921849076
  8. Just as the title says - Brand new autoblipper for the 2006 - 2020 R6 or the 2009 - 2020 R1. To use this you will need the is4 or qs4 quickshifter kit with a durashift shift module.If you dont have a durashift I can supply one. £225 for the brand new Blipper. If you need a durashift I could take your shifter in PX so we would need to agree a deal on that. Bart - 07921849076
  9. I have two 65mm Akrapovic hex end cans with a 65mm inlet. Both are in excellent condition however one has a very minor mark on the carbon. £300 - for the unmarked one £250 for the one with the small mark. Both come with hangers and 2 x akrpovic springs. Sensible offers welcome 07921849076 or brg1000@hotmail.com for pictures
  10. New type is3 (suits all 3 cylinder triumphs) translogic quickshifter system. Comes with a 675 link rod as well as the durashift (Push or pull) not an autoblipper but a superb quickshifter system that offers full adjustment backed by Translogic reliability and smoothness. Bought at the end of summer before last it has 6 months summer use with the occasional dry day thrown in. Guaranteed working perfectly. £225 or near offer. 07921849076
  11. Top marks here. Delivered very quickly and working perfectly. Thanks.
  12. This is3 Quickshifter comes complete with the 657 link rod. The beauty of the translogic is that you can fit it to any 3 cylinder Triumph from the 955i engine onwards and that includes the 675, 1050 and 765 engine mounts. This plugs into your coils and comes with full instructions and the latest Durashift shifter which can be use push or pull. Its not an autoblipper and will only shift 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6. If you don't have a link rod on the rearset you wont be able to use this kit. Looking £225 or near offer. Barry 07921849076
  13. To Akrapovic carbon hex end cans 450mm total length 300mm sleeve with 60mm inlet. Both cans are emarked and come with removable baffles. Both cans are off race bikes and so the carbon isnt as bright as you get with road cans but both are gas tight. The cans come only with removable baffle. No springs or hangers. 1. This can has been repacked (with akrapovic packing) and has some blistering on the carbon. During repack the inside has been given aluminum heatshield to strengthen and protect from further blistering. that aside it looks fine with no damage to the metal or the end caps. £200 or near offer. 2. This can has also been repacked but has not the same blistering. Its in good condition. £225 or near offer. Barry. 07921 849 076 Pics on request. whatsapp is good.
  14. As new DCS quickshifter. This is the module only and it can be used with Power Commanders no problem. It has the push or pull function simply by reversing the connectors. (it comes with both plugs already fitted) Barely used and I am looking £130 for it or very near offer.
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