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  1. Someone has got a bargain there, cracking bike.
  2. Hi, I sent you a text but haven’t had a reply.
  3. Gizago

    Zx6 C1h raceshift/ linkage swap

    My brother wants to try raceshift on his ‘05 zx6, and I’m sure I’ve read something somewhere about using the front shift arm from another bike with a dogleg to get around the case/frame clearance problem. We’ve googled it and can’t find anything, anyone shed any light on it?Cheers,Mat.
  4. Gizago

    Starlane Stealth GPS-3 Lap timer

    Got it today- Cheers 👍
  5. Gizago

    Starlane Stealth GPS-3 Lap timer

    I’ll take that please, let me have your PayPal details and I’ll send the money across.
  6. Gizago

    ‘08 onwards blades

    Cheers all, I don’t have the cash to be throwing at gearbox rebuilds, so it’s interesting to hear differing experiences.
  7. Gizago

    ‘08 onwards blades

    I’ve got a hankering for a 2008 onwards fireblade/cbr1000rr or whatever you prefer to call them. I know about the crank issue on the earlier ones, but other than that is there much to look out for on them, any common faults etc? cheers, Mat.
  8. Gizago

    Twin or h lines?

    Twin lines are a lot easier to bleed in my experience.
  9. Gizago

    breaking gsxr k4-k5 750

    That’s a fair price mate but a bit rich for me at the moment, thanks anyway.
  10. Gizago

    breaking gsxr k4-k5 750

    I know I’m going to regret asking this but how much for the forks and internals? Do you know what ktech kit is in them?
  11. Gizago

    Retirement sale

    Arrived today- thanks mate.
  12. Gizago

    Retirement sale

    Hello mate, have you been able to send the HWW warmers yet?
  13. Gizago

    Retirement sale

    How much for postage on these please.
  14. Gizago

    Retirement sale

    What size are the HWWs please mate?
  15. Gizago

    2011 ZX-10 parts

    Rammy, tried to text you but your number isn’t working?

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