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  1. yamaboy

    2017 ZX10 Reg/Rec bracket

    yep mss do one but expensive
  2. yamaboy

    2017 ZX10R Clip Ons

    pm you oly
  3. yamaboy

    2017 ZX10R Clip Ons

    yes believe so ive got a spare pair removed from a newish bike , standard clipons also new aftermarket levers Not Chinese, captive wheel spacers all for a 2017 if interested pm me with email for pics cheers
  4. yamaboy

    rst tractec evo suit 42 uk

    will send now sorry for delay just noticed post
  5. yamaboy

    rst tractec evo suit 42 uk

    btt ,
  6. As new worn once then sold bike, size uk 42 , blue , white , black , sliders new , pm or email for pics to jmdl1313@gmail.com £220 delivered , great looking colours
  7. yamaboy

    Ohlins RACE SCU or ZX10R steering damper

    is this the standard electronic damper ? as I have one
  8. yamaboy

    Zx10 2011-15. KTECH DDS Fork kit

    do you know if it fits the 2017 year?
  9. yamaboy

    2016 zx10r wheels

    did these sell ?
  10. yamaboy

    zx10r shock 2016 plus

    wanted rear shock , k-tech,, ohlins,, or possibly maxton, bitubo but prefer k - tech lets know cheers
  11. yamaboy

    zx10r wheels

    Wheels and discs wanted for above, believe 2011 plus rear wheel fits, cash waiting must be straight,,
  12. yamaboy

    chinese clipons

    well put mate
  13. yamaboy

    chinese clipons

    yeh cheers lads i know what you mean ian some uk and chinese clipons look identical so are the chinese copies or are the uk ones bought in china, even renthal had problems,, its not even being tight with cash its just the £60 difference for what look exactly the same products,,
  14. yamaboy

    chinese clipons

    yeh bought loads in past off joe n mick , theres identical clipons on flea bay but not saying spec as they sell £30 , they warn on their site about copies,

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