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  1. 64bigc

    Dainese d air

    It never seems to pick up where I actually am, when I download the data, it can’t work out where the laps are, or even what track I’m at. I’m usually ok at picking these things up, I’ve been out twice in it since memory cleared and it thinks I’ve traveled 32000km? for example, I did brands Indy last week, created the download at brands Indy, it took the information on and then says I’m at silver stone on a triangle track. I may be missing something simple but I just can’t work it out.
  2. 64bigc

    Dainese d air

    Has anyone got one of these and used the data logger (successfully) on board. Ive downloaded all the bits needed and either it’s junk or I’m doing something wrong?
  3. It’s 2010 so is the FBW. Seen a few, hm, translogic etc didn’t know if anyone knew of any. I also have been using the right hand, so may struggle to adjust 😂
  4. I see,, many thanks wavey! Anyone got any experience with which one to go for?
  5. Hi all, sorry for what may be a stupid question to some but can’t get my head round it. just had a slipper installed on an r6 as needed to replace parts that cost more than the whole stm unit. Would you recommend a blipper system as well or does the slipper handle it all? I’ve recently been riding a 450 supermoto that doesn’t require clutch on downshifts and would like this on the r6 if poss? any advice would be appreciated
  6. That would make sense as to why not a competitive bike at that level! Maybe next years R1 may be an improvement? If not it’ll be a bmw/kawa championship for another 4 years
  7. The British Superstock is made up of mostly BMW’s and Kawasaki and a few gsxr , why no R1’s?? Seem to be a competitive fast bike, have won most the club racing championships at some point... surely they’re good enough to run at the top? is it because people follow people,, “everyone has a bmw so I need one”
  8. Hi sorry, all items for this have been sold except
  9. Hi Jon, I still have calliper and line but not cylinder Anything else you need let me know
  10. Nice, have you much experience with other brands? The Dunlop’s seem to get lots of positive reviews but so expensive. I used to run pirellis which seemed overpriced for what you got.
  11. Sorry to put up a boring post but I’m hoping some may help. Tried the search function but coming up with lots of for sale. Tyres... I’m coming back to racing, on a 600 and want to know what people are using for slicks/treaded and wets? i know it’s personal preference but just an idea would be great.
  12. I am finally breaking my full spec r6, can’t see me using it anymore and it’s taking up space. Ohlins rear shock with remote preload £350 standard front forks with ktech cartridge kit and springs. £350 front and rear suspension rebuilt 3 rounds ago. Akrapovic full system with repair on inside of end can, does not affect flow £300 gilles fully adjustable rear sets £130 carbs with Ivan jet pro kit set up £125 reworked head, skimmed, flowed and ported by Mike smith tuning £150 two sets of wheels £220 a set renthal clip on £60 Venhill quick action throttle £60 3 engines, all spares or repair but could make one good out of all I imagine. All casings in good condition, one with NRG hardened casings £200 for all 3. Frame with v5 £225 sub frame £50 swingnarm £75 4 rear sprockets £70 All prices are not including postage and ONO, will add more parts as I go along.
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