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  1. Hi all, Looking for some knowledge. My current situation is an injected SV with SDC modified forks (Damper rod holes welded and drilled I think) and .95 hyperpro springs with 20w oil & I am 90kg in full race kit. Forks have gone to tuner for rebuilding and I have been advised to change to a lower spring .85/.90 and change to 10w oil. I think the spring change is a good idea but I am afraid the 10w oil will not provide enough damping? Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi folks, Last year my bike pushed a freeze plug out - this was not a result of water left in over winter but it occurred after a slow lowside (possibly came loose due to water previous but not in my ownership). Anyway I caught the issue and repaired it and now all is good. But what has had me thinking ever since is that when I ordered replacement plugs from Spears racing in USA he sent me 16mm ones for a gen2 which my bike is....except the plug I needed was 22mm same as gen1...and yes I definetly have an injected engine Anyone know why my gen2 injected engine has same size plug as gen1 car engine? Everywhere online says my plug should be 16mm. Not a qualified mechanic so maybe the previous owner did some swapping of parts of the head but I wouldn't have thought the carbed engine shared much with the injected one. Thanks!!
  3. Hi All, Currently running an injected stocktwin in Ireland. I have a standard front master cylinder fitted at the moment but I need something better, what is a good upgrade? Can I use one from GSXR/R6/R1 etc or is it worth going for the much more expensive option brembo or the likes? Thank you.
  4. Hi all, I am looking at a damper and mount from a carby sv650 to use on my injected SV. The mount uses the holes at the front of the tank. I know the tanks/frames are different, but pics I can get online show the holes are in similar location on both bikes so I'm wondering if the mount would work on my injected bike? Cheers
  5. Still got the damper for sale?
  6. I will hold off for now as explained in PM. Thanks
  7. I will take it. PM sent with my contact details. Post back here if any issue. Thanks
  8. Looking for a transponder for my R6. Must be in perfect working order. Cash waiting. Please call 00353 86 3524996. Im based in Ireland. Lee.
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