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  1. JULLE

    2016 - on Kawasaki zx10r wheels

    I have 2017 model and did use 2011-2015 wheels. Rear wheel will fit directly but front wheel require 5mm spacers for Axel AND discs. 2011-2015 front wheel is 165mm wide / 2016--> front wheel is 175mm wide
  2. Hi, Will the calibers fit to my gsxr 1000 2010? I would be interested, to buy these if you are willing to ship to Finland. Payment via Paypal invoice? BR -Juha +358503776182 Helsinki, Finland
  3. JULLE

    Poss Breaking 2010 gsxr 1000

    Hi, Willing to buy Top & bottom yokes £120 (does this include headtube as well?) Are you willing to send these to Finland? Thanks! Juha Tammilehto Finland +358503776182
  4. Parts that I'm looking for; OEM subframe OEM front frame (fairing stay) OEM Steering suspension OEM speedo meter OEM tank side panels (silver) OEM front fender (black) or aftermarket (carbon) May be other parts as well but these are the first parts that I noticed broken after crash. Reasonable offers; juha.tammilehto@postnord.com
  5. JULLE

    GSXR 1000 K9 High spec breaking

    Could you please update the list of products that you still have? Also OEM road parts if you have any. Thanks! -Julle
  6. JULLE

    Breaking GSXR 1000 K9/L2

    Do you still have any Of these parts?

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