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  1. ohlins33

    BMW S1000RR 2017 + fuel pump

  2. ohlins33

    BMW S1000RR Stock Wheels

  3. ohlins33

    BMW S1000RR Stock Wheels

    Sprocket carrier also included
  4. BMW S1000RR 2017 + fuel pump £100 posted
  5. 2017 BMW S1000RR wiring loom £150 posted
  6. ohlins33

    BMW S1000RR Stock Wheels

    set of BMW S1000RR stock wheels including discs & traction rings, good used condition. £650 plus postage
  7. ohlins33

    bmw s1000rr parts For Sale

    Are these parts all for the 2015 model
  8. ohlins33

    Bmw s1000rr ktech kitted forks and DDS rear shock

    Are the forks still available? If so what year are they for? Cheers
  9. ohlins33

    S1000RR Alpha Carbon bodywork

    Is there any chance that you might actually get around to sending me a HP4 sprocket carrier or refund me the cost of a second hand one? I think I have been very patient with you so far,
  10. ohlins33


    Thank you for getting in touch, much appreciated.
  11. ohlins33


    Hi, Bought a set of HP4 wheels off you that were supposed to include a sprocket carrier? Paid in full 24th of February, received wheels on 8th of March but no sprocket carrier, its now the 30th of March. You did say you would get one although you now seem to be ignoring me, Please send a carrier or at least refund the cost of a secondhand one so I can get one myself.
  12. ohlins33

    BMW HP Race Datalogger

    Wanted BMW HP Race Datalogger
  13. ohlins33

    BMW HP4 Sprocket carrier

    Wanted BMW HP4 sprocket carrier (this is the one for the light weight forged wheel)

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