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  1. As title, Gen 3 rear subframe off a 2010 Bike in mint condition. Bought as a spare but never needed, been sat in Garage ever since. Offers in my inbox please Can WhatsAp pix if required, file size too small on here lol
  2. sinewave

    ZX10R 08-10 Wheels

    Not keen on that idea tbh, most Peeps want a Full Set for Wets. U can still PM me an offer though if U like!
  3. sinewave

    ZX10R 08-10 Wheels

  4. sinewave


    Been running these for 2 years now. Next best Pad to the Z04 (and hugely cheaper), so unless you are BSB Superstock pace or better then they're the only choice imho.
  5. sinewave

    ZX10R 08-10 Wheels

  6. sinewave

    K-Tech 35 DDS Rear Shock

    Will fit the 2015 model too matey!
  7. sinewave

    ZX10R 08-10 Wheels

    Rear Disc only, no front Discs. £350 now, need em gone.
  8. sinewave

    ZX10R 08-10 Wheels

    SFS £400
  9. sinewave

    ZX10R 08-10 Wheels

    SFS now £450
  10. sinewave

    difference between daytona evo and evo3 gp boot inners?

    Have some Evo's, most uncomfy boot I've ever set foot in. Went back to my Supertech R's very quickly.
  11. sinewave

    ZX10R 2016 rearsets ?

    Removed the Giles Rear Sets off my Gen 4 and they bolted straight on to the Gen 5. To convert to Race shift you do need some 15mm spacers so as to clear the frame. You can only use the stock Q/S and Auto Blip if U have the ECU Flashed or use the Kit ECU
  12. sinewave

    2016 zx10

    It's not advisable to remove the standard Link pipe and replace with a De-Cat pipe unless it's going straight on to a Dyno. Running these very lean engines like this without corrective fueling could well lead to damage. ECU Flash is the way 2 go.
  13. sinewave

    ZX10R 08-10 Service Manual

    ZX10R 2008 - 2010 Factory Service Manual as used by the Dealers. Brilliant condition, tbh hardly opened it as I'm quite au-fait with how Kwaks are put together now!Only just over a year old and bigger than an old Phone Book so loads of info packed in to it! £45 Posted to mainland UK
  14. sinewave

    2016 Kawaski ZX10R breaking

    Upgrading Matt?

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