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  1. GSXR 1000cc 2012 engine wanted.

    Thanks for the reply. He has checked out the ones on Ebay but also wanted to ask here just in case. I think he has now found one but not collected it or paid yet though. Andrew
  2. GSXR 1000cc 2012 engine wanted.

    HI, Team mate needs an engine for his 2012 GSXR 1000cc. Understand 2009-20115 will fit. Can be standard road engine. Many thanks. Andrew
  3. Helmet dryer

    This is going to be my next project so I can wash my helmet and then dry it in time for the next race. http://tomochanstore.blogspot.co.uk/2012_12_01_archive.html Andrew
  4. Helmet dryer

    I use this one. http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/home-appliances/heating-and-cooling/heating-and-cooling/beldray-eh1260dsg-8-turbo-fan-black-10023510-pdt.html http://www.beldray.com/eh1260-beldray-8-inch-black-turbo-fan.html Perfect for a sweaty helmet! Andrew
  5. Front brake judder using Bendix MCR

    If you have swapped the pad type (ie Carbon/Non carbon) after using them before the other thing is using disk cleaner to remove the old pad compound from disk. Hope you get it sorted. Andrew
  6. Front brake judder using Bendix MCR

    I had a similar problem (I use MCR). Used disc cleaner, changed the pads, sent the disk off to a company to check they were straight (they were), same problem. Then someone suggested the discs must be warped but said I had them checked, they just repeated they must be. So I swapped the discs out with the wets and bingo, no judder. Bought new disks and problem fixed. Yours may be a different problem but may be worth trying a different set of discs just to be sure. Andrew
  7. Race Van Insurance

    UPDATE Chased Anthony D Evans again but didn't come back again so gave up. REIS gave a quote which was ok but around the same price as existing normal insurer but prevented the van from being used for any commercial reasons (we dont intend to use it but useful to have just in case). Then the existing company came back with a slightly lower price so made sense to renew with them in the end. The main problem seemed to be that although the van is just used for racing it is owned by a limited company. I think either of the above would have been much better if it was privately owned (although ADE should have at least phoned back). Thanks for all the suggestions anyway. Andrew
  8. Race Van Insurance

    Thanks for the feed back. I phoned them yesterday afternoon and gave all the details. They were going to come back to me with a price but have not done so yet. Hopefully they will come back to be on Monday. I will let you know how get on. Andrew
  9. Race Van Insurance

    Cheers guys. Found them via google. Will give them a call. Andrew
  10. Race Van Insurance

    Hi, Who do you recommend for race van insurance (van owned and insured through UK limited company). (Sprinter with garage and living area). Many thanks. Andrew
  11. ZX10r Race Tyre Compounds

    The new Racetec RR slick page also confirms the above guidance of tyres. http://press.metzeler.com/en_EN/post/show/105583/new-metzeler-racing-tyres.html (select More info) Near the bottom is the following: ---------------------------------- For the front slick solutions, the criteria for which to use is based not only on outdoor temperature and type of circuit (many bends or long straights, bumps etc.) but also on the rider's aggressiveness/riding style that affects the front tyre. The choice of which front tyre to use should be made based on whether the rider prefers greater stability and precision going into turns (K2 version) or predictability and the feeling of perceiving the "grip limit" (K1 version). As regards weather conditions, when the track temperature increases, the compound tends to lose its compactness and rigidity. This behaviour can cause movement in the leaning stage. A stiffer compound like the K2 minimises this effect. On the other hand, when the track is cold, the compound tends to become more rigid, to the detriment of grip and stability while braking. In these conditions it is better to use a soft compound such as K1. As regards the rear solutions, the criteria for use is based on the severity of the asphalt, the temperature and on the duration of the performance required (long-run). For example, hot asphalt loses some of its natural mechanical grip becoming smoother and more slippery. In these conditions a soft compound (such as K1) is necessary, as it can stick to the asphalt surface as much as possible. Cold asphalt, on the other hand, tends to be more aggressive and rougher, offering more mechanical grip which can nevertheless cause the tyre to rip and tear the tyre which therefore needs a compound with more resistance (such as K2). -------------------------------------- Hope this helps. Andrew
  12. ZX10R Brake Caliper advice

    Thanks for the replay. I think most of these have been tried or eliminated. Fluid overheating, Yes. Water content in the fluid boiling - Happened even when replacing all the brake fluid with brand new (unopened) race fluid mid race (but not as much of a problem as when the brake adjuster was undoing itself every time the brake was used!). OEM hoses expanding because of fluid boiling/overheating - Hoses are steel braided. Wrong grade pads - MCR and SBS tried. Pads not being run in correctly, getting too hot too soon which brings the resin to the surface and they will glaze over - Pads not run in but not time to glaze as wearing down to 50% within a couple of stints (~90 minutes) so dont think this is the problem (have also cleaned disks with cleaner before new pads). I am pretty sure it is the OEM calipers and whilst fluid will most likely fix it there is still too much heat getting from the disk/pads into the caliper body and in turn into the fluid. I think the Brembo caliper pads also have a larger surface area which will help reduce heat. My main question is which model is best or at least will be good enough. So will GP4-RX be much better than OEM or does it pay to go higher? Also do the shiny ones make you go faster - Andrew
  13. ZX10R Brake Caliper advice

    Cheers. Only comparison I could find was relating to cars but I imagine it is the same for bikes. http://rennlist.com/forums/racing-and-drivers-education-forum/408358-motul-rbf-660-beats-out-castrol-srf.html NB: I only normally change mine at the beginning and half way through season (or half way through a race at Donny!). Andrew
  14. ZX10R Brake Caliper advice

    Kev, it was worth it just to see your profile picture. Andrew
  15. ZX10r Race Tyre Compounds

    Summer K2 front, K1 rear (K2 for endurance, although I know some riders who run K0 rear in sprints). Autumn/spring K1 front K2 rear (K1 front to help keep heat, K2 rear harder to reduce cold tear). I was given this advice by a tyre tester at Cartagena (harder in the front and softer in the rear for summer). Andrew