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  1. K RR Team

    2015 ride available

    Just to update this thread, after a very chilly test yesterday, we now have a young rider sorted for the season Thanks to all those who showed an interest & good luck to all for the coming meetings
  2. K RR Team

    2015 ride available

    Thanks for your interest ,both bike do run on race shift , this is a must that you can ride with race shift Thanks Alan
  3. K RR Team

    2015 ride available

    Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated, and thanks to those who have sent emails overonight. We hope to go through them tonight. Many thanks
  4. K RR Team

    2015 ride available

    Due to being let down over xmas, the ride is available on our Ducati 1198's in the Thundersport GP1 class. Looking for someone who CAN compete for the full season, paying for their own tyres & other usual racing expenses. We supply the bikes - 1 wet & 1 dry, get them to the track, keep them running, repair & service etc, but rider pays the usual racing costs (tyres, testing, sundries - brake pads, clutch packs, chains etc, and crash damage etc) all as you would do on own bike. Looking for someone to be capable of running at the sharp end at the start of the season so must have previous experience on big CC bikes or at least 600cc class, as these bikes are in excess of 170rwbp with high torque in excess of 95ft lb. Hoping to help a younger rider to have a leg-up to the bigger class machines, but not adverse to an experienced rider wanting a good blast with the physical back up & not having to own/maintain the bikes. We do not charge for the ride, but as previously said: all expenses needs to be found by rider, a returnable crash deposit is held. Bikes are fully refreshed & ready to go for testing. Please, no dreamers or wannabe's prefer checkable race history previous experience on twins or triples a bonus to us To discuss further, please call Alan on 07956 351399 in evenings/weekends or send email to: knightroadrace-team at yahoo.co.uk Alan & Charlotte www.knightroadraceteam.co.uk
  5. K RR Team

    2014 Ride available

    Due to unfortunate let downs & 1 rider breaking his collarbone, there may still be a ride available. Unfortunately time of year makes it difficult for testing, but if you didnt message us before & are interested, let us know. Prefer younger rider, possible to have 1 bike out as a Stock 1000. Alan
  6. K RR Team

    2014 Ride available

    Many thanks for the response, I think we may be sorted
  7. K RR Team

    2014 Ride available

    Ride in Thundersport GP1 available for 2014 on the 1098R & the RS, also possibly last meeting at Donington at end of October. MUST have national licence and be competitive as hoping to run in the top 10 as usual. Not a sponsored ride so must have funds for entries, tyres, crash damage etc etc. Best to email knightroadrace-team@yahoo.co.uk for more info Thanks Alan
  8. K RR Team


    Used to use E-Van, but for last 2 years have used REIS (in Nottingham) as best price for good cover
  9. K RR Team

    Bridgestone R10 tyre pressures

    But prob really different bikes in the mix too? Power delivery was a big factor in us using those pressures, very different on the Ducati to the more prolific makes of race bikes out there
  10. K RR Team

    Can anyone recommend me an awning / marquee

    Another vote here for Surf & Turf. Our 6 x 3 was brought mid 2005, been used every season since (as well as for other family functions & BBQ's) & has had only 2 roof spars replaced in that time. Its stood up to gales at Anglesey, Cadwell and the like - as well as a good 5" dump of snow at Mallory 3 or 4 years ago! Only once have we taken it down at a meeting & thats when we'd pitched up late & put it at the wrong direction of a gale force 6 (hence the 2 roof spars replacement). Tho to be fair, the wind didn't usually come from 'that' direction........ Its a bit tired (shabby) now, but perfectly servicable to go out for this season Tip: get a white or light roof, much easier to work under & the sun (when it appears) will bleach it bright again
  11. K RR Team

    Bridgestone R10 tyre pressures

    We've run them sucessfully on a Ducati 1198 at cold 28 front and 30 rear. But this is not what they (Bridgestone) recco for our bike, BUT it suits our rider & suspension set up. We did take a little while to get it right & then havent looked back. Prob best you contact Bridgestone or somone that runs the same type of bike to you mister
  12. K RR Team

    Good deal or not a good deal that is the question

    Seb#43 - consisely and eloquently put and covers all points made in earlier posts with a well thought out response, which I agree with C
  13. K RR Team

    Malware and forum access

    Pete, thats no prob in accessing that way, but there are no photo's, no smilies (have to type in own ones), cannot access PM's...... its a right royal pain TBH & I've got to the point I only check in once a day at most. Seens posts on facebook - saying there is infection here, so its worth trying to get webmaster to get this sorted as you could be losing a lot of potential new (or old!) users :-s
  14. K RR Team

    Is the forum 'problem' going to be sorted any time soon?

    Well, not here its not
  15. K RR Team


    Yep, still on going, cannot put smilies onto posts either, still cannot access PM's - tried it on work PC end last week too & exactly same problem! Any ideas LWB????????