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  1. tony scott might do it if you ask nicely? paul did mine from massive H gas flowing
  2. edited that for you so it is a bit better the cbr 600 gearboxes are like toffee and the fireblade gearboxes and looks like they are just as bad on the SP's
  3. it took me atleast 2 months riding every day to get used to it and not do the odd wrong shift, on the road its not an issue on track im sure i would be dead by now. just a warning incase you think changing it just before a race is a good idea agree with tinker 100%
  4. dont get a steelie. speaking from experience here i have a 97 steelie and i wish i had got an R6 the 5eb models are so much quicker than the steel frame after all one was produced until 1998 and the other 2002 derby phoenix do pre-injection thundersport gb do golden era supersport (all R6 apart from me at donnington) wirral 100 have golden era supersport and pre-injection
  5. yeah already spoke to her see if she gets back to me today
  6. Anybody know who was taking pictures at three sisters on friday?
  7. the 36mm carbs will be fine just get them re-jetted by someone good, where you based?
  8. the rules state for golden era and steel frame and most likely pre injection carbs- as homologated (i cant spell it) so really you should only run the same size and type as it came out the factory go to the ACU handbook and have a look in there if your still unsure as whoever you are racing with if they have a problem with it money might be better spent on head work though for the price of kiehin FCR carbs i could get a gas flow and kent cams and the rest
  9. i use them no front end issues with the V profile soft front medium rear take a little getting warm but no issues from me also make sure its not the street compound that wont be much good
  10. http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorcycle/front-stands/biketek-alloy-front-paddock-stand worth every penny for how much room it gives you when removing calipers and wheel, just make sure there is a hole for it to locate in before you buy
  11. dont forget its 1 signature per day not per race
  12. yes and they pick on that thing all season -.- had oem clipons and they were a little close to the tank had them whinging at me all season my excuse was that was the way honda intended to which they reply its your hands i always try and get the women scrutineers hassle free you will learn how to have hassle free inspections and if your bike is in good shape they arent as picky i find
  13. oops sorry what i meant was page 279
  14. page 292-230 of the acu handbook tells you the basics of age/licence the 2014 version is on the website beds give acu a ring they might take your hillclimb licence into account ryan potch not a chance best sell it and get a f600, supersport 600, 650 twin, 675 triple or a 250cc gp bike i got lucky and got my acu licence 1 day after my restriction was up and got an inters-novice licence now on a clubman
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