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  1. Will fit gsxr 600 and 750 k6 to current model
  2. I've emailed you. Parts still available? cheers
  3. Hi, I know this is an old post but do you have any parts left?
  4. Accept the changes after EVERY session at Pembrey I was using a stock-ish map and my bike is tuned, I had flat spots from the mapping being way out
  5. I went pot luck and it's done me well so far. They commonly fail on gsxr's, doesn't help with its location so close to the headers too! I've relocated mine.
  6. What trackday are you at?
  7. Turn the self mapping on (start) in the software, go out for a ride, give it some through the Rev range/all gears. Then accept the suggested changes. I had flat spots that were easily noticed and sorted out by the bazzaz. Keep making changes until there are no or minimal changes left to make as scot says. (Might have to do this at track) I'm set at 13 or 13.1 AFR
  8. You can download it from bazzaz website. It's easy to use, it just suggests changes to reach your set target AFR. Yes you will notice a difference if your mapping is out. No if it's not
  9. hi glenn, delivery? where are you located? could you send pics to daveyoung653@hotmail.com cheers
  10. Hi all I have 190/55/17 K2, (stickers still on) Pm if interested, cheers
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