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  1. For 04-07 CBR1000RR Fireblade. Used but in good condition. Pictures available by email. £180 posted within the UK
  2. R1rider

    YEC Oil Catch Tank 14B-C1707-70

    £240 posted within the UK
  3. New YEC oil catch tank for 09-14 Yamaha R1. Pictures available by email. £265 posted. (Listed at £310 from Fowlers)
  4. R1rider

    YEC Parts 04-06 R1(May fit others)

    Rotor Assy sold
  5. Some rare YEC parts for sale. 5VY-81450-71 Rotor Assy. Fits 04-06 and I believe 07-08 R1's. Fitted the rotor but changed my mind and removed it next day without starting engine, returned to it's original packaging. Kit includes: Rotor(5VY-81450-70) (un-used)gasket(2D1-15451-10) (un-used)Washer x4(90201-066F0) (un-used)Washer x3(90201-08087) £420 posted 5VY-13906-70 Fuel Pressure Regulator Fits 04-06 R1. New, removed from packaging for picture. £220 posted 5VY-A4460-70 Funnel Set Fits 04-06 R1. Not in packaging. Kit includes; Plate x2(5VY-14477-70) Funnel short x4(5VY-14469-70) Funnel long x4(5VY-14469-90) £500 posted 5SL-C2239-70 Rear Height Adjusting Set Fits 04-06 R1, should fit 5SL model R6 too. Removed from packaging for picture. Kit includes; Brkt upr(5VY-22219-70) Nut(5VY-22252-70) Adjuster(5VY-22239-70) Bolt(91317-08050) Nut(90170-14284) Washer(90201-14411) £200 posted 5VY-C117G-70 Chassis Protector Set Fits 04-06 R1. Removed from packaging for picture. Kit includes; Protector x2(5VY-2117G-70) Collar LH(5SL-21472-70) Collar RH(5SL-21477-70) Bolt x2(91317-10070) Washer x2(90201-105R9) £150 posted 5VY-C1707-70 Oil Catch Tank Set Fits 04-06 R1. Catch tank has been used, the rest of the components new. Kit includes; Catch tank(5VY-21707-70) Hose x2(5EB-15373-70) Hose clamps x6(90450-25037) Pipe(5SL-11166-70) Pipe(371-11167-01) Band x2(4XV-21376-00) Clamp(90464-08002) Pipe(4TR-11167-00) £280 posted 5VY-16340-70 Clutch Push Lever Assy. Fits 04-06 R1. No packaging. Kit includes; Lever(5VY-16342-70) Holder(214-16389-00) Pin(90240-06005) R-clip(90468-10050) £55 posted 5VY-A4890-70 AIS Plug Set Fits 04-06 R1, plates will fit various others not sure about the dowels/plugs. New, have two of these kits. Includes; Plate x2(5SL-1482L-70) Pin x4(93608-16M16) Plug(93306-10020) £80 posted, each Pictures available by email
  6. R1rider

    Aprilia RSV1000 Parts

    Wheels, one of the front discs warped £130 + post Case covers £10 + post Also have 04-09 fuel tank £60 + post Pictures available by email
  7. R1rider

    04-06 R1 YEC

    Anyone have or know of any NOS 04-06 R1 YEC parts?
  8. R1rider

    Aprilia RSV1000 Parts

    04-09 Five spoke wheels with discs. £220 + post 04-09 R&G Engine case covers £25 + post Pictures available by email.
  9. R1rider


    Price update; £100 posted.
  10. R1rider


    Pictures sent
  11. R1rider


    Still available
  12. R1rider


    Still available

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