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  1. dannn

    RS 250 vs RGV 250

    Yours is fun when it runs I can also confirm it does crash very well while low siding it through craners...shame my leathers did not crash as well!lol The RS250 has never done anything for me, I like the VJ21 but the VJ22 probably has a slightly better supply of parts for them. Be warned they are not very fast but make a great track bike. They are imo frustrating as f uck to ride on the road...just too slow. Also, being a two stroke it will rob you of lots of money and piss you off when it goes wrong (I have a garage full of the pieces of s hite ;-) ). You can quickly have your two stroke dream pissed all over. Only buy a two stroke if you are a massive stroker fan and are willing to pay the price in time, hassle and money for the experience. Dan :-)
  2. dannn

    Best all round pad for M4's

    I tried the Z04's with new Brembo Discs on Sunday....no warm up, no fade, huge braking power and they were exactly the same at the end of the race as they were at the start. http://www.carpimoto.it/en-GB/are doing great deal on Brembo stuff. My Z04's were ~£165 for a pair and my 320mm Brembo discs ~£230 for a pair and that also included free shipping from Italy! Dan
  3. dannn


    I raced TSGP with NL at Donny....all the TSGP riders were very happy and impressed with NL. Hopefully I'll make Brands and Silverstone!
  4. dannn

    Tyre warmers

    Diamond - http://www.diasec.co.uk/diamond-tyre-heaters-448-p.asp Got some recently and they are excellent!
  5. I race in TSGP (Two Stroke Grand Prix) which is a guest series that has been hosted by various clubs over the years but the main one has been Bemsee. Bemsee have been very good to series and as a club the staff and the paddock are extremely helpful and friendly. Its the lack of track time which after all the time and money invested to race for the weekend which gets me - I could not believe it when I turned up at Donington meet last year only to find out we only had three races. TSGP was meant to run at the Bemsee Silverstone meeting but at the last minute were told not to come as there were too many riders/races and TSGP had to go to make room for it all. This caused me no stress or upset as I had no intention of racing that weekend, however others who had arranged their lives in order to go were extremely upset by it...it was a really sh-it thing to do! However, NoLimits racing stepped in at the last minute and offered Donington to TSGP which worked out well for everyone and was actually a blessing after the sidecar engine failure oil on track carnage which happened at Silverstone and then resulted in the rest of the meeting being cancelled. I also don't like Bemsee officials trying to make out the club is bigger and better than all the other clubs and worse of all trying to slate marshals/medical staff that other clubs use - its all a bit childish....... Dan
  6. dannn

    Pirelli Superbike pro slicks

    He does all tyres - mine come directly from Pirelli in France!
  7. dannn

    Pirelli Superbike pro slicks

    My Pirelli Superbike slicks were £273 delivered from Scott @ blackgrip! £75 is cheap to damaging the bike because you ran out of grip. No matter which slicks you use you still need to be cautious before giving them large else your end up on your arse. This is why you see 'experts' in the fast group highside at the end of the first lap due to being impatient and stupid!
  8. I did last weekend with NoLimits. Very impressed with the entry fees, dinner vouchers and most importantly track time. I'm actually a member of Bemsee but the entry costs, number of entrants, number of classes/races, short races and little contingency time when things go wrong has dropped the value past sensible levels.
  9. dannn

    Pirelli Superbike pro slicks

    I was using them at a race meeting! I normally run inters or fast group at trackdays. I'm reasonably quick but not mega fast! The kr slicks I had before defo needed heat but again I never had any problems. Keep them in the warmers and then go out and gradually increase your speed for the first couple of laps and then go for it. You don't get the pleasure of doing that when you race...you have no choice but to go balls out and I never noticed any issues with the tyres. Apparently my RG500 was leaving some nice black lines out of the corners!LOL If you want some really good advice contact Scott at blackgrip. I went through various options with him and also he gave his own experience of the different tyres we discussed. Plus he was also the cheapest! Dan :-)
  10. dannn

    Pirelli Superbike pro slicks

    I ran some Pirelli Superbike slicks at Donington last weekend. These are the second set of slicks I have every purchased and used, my first were Dunlop KR's. Anyway, there were great all weekend and I preferred the feel of them to the Dunlops. Obviously I had them in the warmers all weekend but did not notice any issues with warm up even after being sat in the holding area and grid. I did not feel I needed to ride them hard in order to make them grip.....! Parkitt Racing who were at the meeting don't even bother stocking the pro's. Personally I would not fook around and buy the proper slicks. Contact Scott @ http://www.blackgrip.co.uk/- he will do you a great deal on a set. Dan
  11. dannn

    Neck braces

    After spotting Chris Northover wearing one I decided to get one. I have the STX RR: http://www.leatt.com/shop/braces/street-stx/stx-rr.htm I got mine from http://www.fc-moto.de/Leatt-STX-RR-Road-Race-/-Sport/enas I could not find anyone selling it in the uk! I hardly notice I am wearing it apart from on the road it makes it very difficult to look behind you so defo need mirrors! This STX RR is very light and still allows enough movement to tuck in behind screen with neck back The STX Road is higher and hence restricts movement even more - I reckon that version would be too much. Sportsbikeshop are doing the STX Road for £175 - http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/219354 Dan
  12. dannn

    Best onboard laptimer for racing

    I just got one of these http://www.speedangle.com/from arracing... Only tested it out on the road - both GPS and lean angle seem to work ok. Hopefully trying on track at Donington this weekend coming! As for dashboards - this would be my choice if I could justify the money - http://www.race-technology.com/dash2_pro_2_31358.html ! Dan
  13. Asked a question in this thread last night and the thread now appears to be deleted/moved... http://www.motoforum.net/topic/107176-speedangle-gps-laptimer/ Just curious as to what happened to it ? Dan
  14. dannn

    K5 1000 not starting

    Check the CPS.... My K6 started messing around and eventually would not start (No FI light)... After lots of internet searching I found out that the CPS can get covered in metal filings and caused the sensor to stop working. After a quick check with the multimeter I confirmed the CPS was not working. Stripped it out and sure enough it was covered in metal filings. Cleaned it all off, refitted and the bike started and has been fine ever since. Good luck! Dan
  15. dannn

    SV supetwin - Fork top extenders?

    Hi, My mate makes these and has a couple of sets on the shelf! £160 which includes pin spanner and spun down socket. PM me, Cheers, Dan

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