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  1. Three Sisters

    It's seams like a merry-go-round of who owes who. My mate worked there on the go karts and had lost his job. They have contacted him to go back working there but he's smashed his self up at Donnington.
  2. Best superstocker new ?

    Id say have a look at stock grid at BSB. Full of s1000rr's & zx10r's for good reason. Most cost affective bike to go fast on.
  3. Suspension Wizards - North West

    Richard from Maxton engineering worth a shout.
  4. Dyno work on ZX6

    Pete Alton OTC Racing in Widnes. Does a cracking job.
  5. 3D Printing and racing future?

    Can you process drawing models from solid works? Can parts be copied from original parts or do they need to be designed around the printing process?
  6. Broken bones and racing

    I duct tape my ankle up after an off so I could finish the meeting off at 3 sister's , came 2nd in one race as well. I knew it was broken but I could put weight on it so said nowt to the doctor so I could race on.
  7. Piston heads is one. Racespares uk have a good selection of bikes for sale.
  8. Nope lol I'll not bother checking my emither then?
  9. Could you send details and any pictures to info@radiallinesheetmetal.co.uk Thanks Justin.
  10. Racing section

    Read the note lol The password is news. I did the same thing lol.
  11. Er6 engine builders

    Pete Alton OTC Racing widnes Kevin rev2race near Ormskirk
  12. which 600

    Our kid has a gsxr k9 125bhp at the wheel tis a nice bike to ride you will feel at home on one bud, but the 675 s are better ?
  13. which 600

    I got an outing on a 675 last year bud and it was awesome. I've always struggled on a R6 I don't seam to fit on them and front end feels weired on them to me
  14. Early Injection Racing

    This one's on there own as well bud. I raced with them in 2012 for a couple of rounds, always well run and enjoyable. Gona see if I can stay with you for more than 1/2 a lap lol.
  15. Early Injection Racing

    Jon it's Justin how you doing Bud. The old girl is getting her first outing this year. I'm booked on the derby phoenix at cadwell on the 12th & 13th of September in the EI600 class it's more like a hottrax F2 grid but you'll be rite mucker. Come on you know you want too, there wwill be Peroni in the fridge lol