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  1. menace1

    I want head

    Can you tell me who does the best cylinder head work on ports,valves and head skimming etc for racing Thanks
  2. menace1

    Kawasaki 636

    I know it's been asked before, I've even seen it up here, 1 Are there any clubs that let the kawasaki 636's run in the 600 class 2 is it easy to spot the difference between a kawasaki 600 and the 636 3 are the engines interchangeable Cheers menace
  3. menace1


    How many things apart from the obvious (lights fairings horn ashtray!) can you remove off a road bike to make it lighter Has anyone run without the coolant expansion tank attached or what exactly do you remove to run a total loss system How much lighter is a kit wiring loom Cheers
  4. Was thinking about doing the manx Can anyone tell me what the latest and best game and game console for learning the Isle of man circuit is Cheers in advance
  5. You have to run standard headers in roadstocks but it's OK to de-cat and change end can
  6. What was the held glove you were using racer
  7. No towels to dry your hands off in the toilets either you'll have to do what I did and catch a nearby sheep.what the hell am I doing awake at this time of night I'm supposed to be counting them not fantasizing about them
  8. You can get it done anytime before your due out on track
  9. Anyone got a Ferrari need running in before I get my license
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