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  1. Excellent condition, just surplus to requirements.
  2. Anyone got any info on Maxton springs and suggested rider weight?
  3. moby

    SV 650 Minitwin

    Can't believe this is still for sale.... I am a mate of his but its such a nice bike for bugger all money. Having raced Minitwins for 2 years... anyone looking to get into the class couldn't go wrong and theres a few rough minitwins out there but this aint one of them :-)
  4. moby

    SV 650 Minitwin

    I can vouch for this bike, apart from a dented tank is a proper spec'd and put together Minitwin... very capable of winning.
  5. What diameter are the legs and what caliper fixing centres. Where are you?
  6. Forks, yokes, wheel spindle. all in good condition pictures available. Located in Surrey £150 collect or I can met you... often travel between Surrey and Chester.
  7. Car and mains charger, cradle flashes green for 3 + days £220 + post
  8. What date are they and where are you?
  9. K3 Sv650 road bike, 23K runs and is MOT'd but the previous owner over tightened the chain so grumbly gerabox bearings otherwise runs and rides lovely. Great basis for a Minitwin race bike. Located in Surrey but I do travel a bit so delivery coudl be arranged. £1000 Bike has V5
  10. moby

    Cheap Genny

    Hi Karl, possibly.... just give me a day as I tried my new Clarke 2.2 quite genny tonight and I'm not sure the old one out performs it :-( so might keep it!
  11. Lovely looking bike... lots of really neat stuff :-)
  12. moby

    Cheap Genny

    Redhill, Surrey and it'll run 2 sets of warmers no problem and even boil a kettle while running one set.
  13. moby

    Cheap Genny

    Possibly up next Friday but not til late.
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