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  1. I believe that No Limits allow the 636.
  2. Steve at ST in Notts: http://www.stmotorcycles.co.uk/
  3. Dave @ Brook Suspension. P&H Rob @ RJS etc. etc
  4. Just echoing what has been previously said - unless we go back to push starts there is always a risk of these start line incidents, and three-wide grids only exacerbate this. As for not having a qualifying session, I personally believe that this was a big factor in DP's demise - I know a fair few people who would have entered some rounds until they found out the crazy 'grid position is decided by how soon you get your entry in' method. Do any existing clubs still run meetings without an actual qualifying session? And yes, everyone could have a dnf or a bad qualifying, but running subsequent races on a fastest lap time, rather than finishing position, seems to be the best way to mitigate the discrepancies. I've heard talk (may be incorrect) of some clubs using your qualifying place for race one is where you start from for all 4 weekend races - which is just laziness on the part of the organisers.
  5. Quite so, I believe that it is a legal requirement for a company to display it's address on a website. If they can't comply with simple legislation, I expect them to be crap at best and thieves at worst.
  6. £89 at Triple S http://www.triple-s.co.uk/prices.htm
  7. Yes Direct Line have allowed me cover to driver other cars for the last 2 years, but just changed insco at renewal due to DL wanting an extra grand to add laddo as a named driver (99 3.5t Transit). Most of the other insurers I queried didn't want to know though. Mind you, if they let you take your NCB onto more than one vehicle it would help.....
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