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  1. TCP


    Yes good guess ZX10. Can you pm me the price for all.
  2. TCP


    Wanted 2016 throttle bodies, airbox, ecu and loom and speed sensors.
  3. Is the gearbox out yet. Couple of photos. If all okay I will have. Mick.
  4. Great. Thanks very much. Michael.
  5. For sale, replacement gearbox for Zx10r. Will fit 2011 onwards (2018 box has the same ratios as the 11/16 kit box) 2018 modified box supplied by Kawasaki under warranty both shafts, all gears and selector forks. condition is as new, only used on a two day test in Spain. £500 Hello. Can you confirm that its a 2018 box. And could you send me a few photos. Thanks. mickgixxer@hotmail.co.uk
  6. Fairings complete with hard seat unit, belly pan. 3 full sets. They have been used for 24 hour Endurance so headlights cut out. I have headlight and the rear seat unit as a light. Fairings sprayed black. I have a couple of tank surrounds and some spare belly pans. £300 the lot. Also a set standard discs, plus rear. £150. I have loads of bits and bobs, some road stuff. PM. Thanks.
  7. No. Not done by previous owner i hasten to add. It was done by PCR. Who built the whole bike from brand new. And it was one of the worst bike builds i have ever had done. They are a joke. And if you have a problem Andy you have my number i will be happy to speak.
  8. No damage. £250. I have plenty of spare parts for a ZX10. Please PM me for details.
  9. 2 Arrow End Cans for sale. 1 with Link Pipe. Still boxed. With straps. Part No. 71770MO/AO/AON. Link Pipe to suit ZX10 2011. End can with linkpipe £220. End can £190. As new. Pipewerx End Can 60mm slight scuff with strap might polish out. £120. PM for photos.
  10. Hello. Would £140 buy the Steering Damper?

  11. Hi. Can you send pictures of both Cans and the Steering Damper. Thanks. Mick. e.mail is: mickgixxer@hotmail.co.uk
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