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    Wiring diagram only seems to come with bmw dealer diagnostic software unless someone knows differently.
  2. BMW S1000RR refresh

    I can understand single use for conrod bolts etc but certainly having a laugh when it's engine covers.
  3. BMW S1000RR refresh

    You have a PM. Was going to do a leak down test to determine state of rings & valves. Not overly impressed with the one time bolts that BMW use.
  4. BMW S1000RR refresh

    I can understand it for 600's and especially if your racing as a race weekend is expensive & championship positions are hard won so certainly don't need DNF's. I've been surprised how many people I've talked to recently have had issues with the S1000 engine with a lot less track miles than I've got so I can see the engine needs refreshing before something goes wrong. I'll price the parts up then I can make decissions depending on the wear & bmw wear limits. Did you only notice the conrod had twisted once you'd stripped the motor or didn't you run the engine after you'd hydraulically locked it?
  5. BMW S1000RR refresh

    That's quite a list. Undecided on whether to do it myself. Been a long time since I've stripped motors & gearboxes. Started doing bike engines when I was still at school but last stuff I did was a 1430 mini engine so not in same league as the S1000RR, real old man stuff. If I get some work & make some money in next couple of months I'll probably get someone to do it with more current experience otherwise i'll head into the garage. I never knew these engines needed refreshes so often when they're standard even when used on track.
  6. BMW s1000rr workshop manual

    Sent you a PM
  7. BMW S1000RR refresh

    Thanks Wavey, that gives me stuff to look at. Had the rings worn or did you just decide to do them while having engine to bits? Are the rings from Alpha specials or just easier to get than OEM. Are the shells OEM? Parts can't be cheap to come to £1600 as I assume you did it yourself. Cheers
  8. BMW S1000RR refresh

    Anyone know what I'll likely need to replace on an engine refresh. Bike is 2012 with 9.5k miles mostly on track. Done some endurance races but mostly track days. I've been told big ends need doing but not sure what else.
  9. PZRacing laptimer

    I'll have a look see if I can find it. I'm thick where electrics are concerned and still managed it.
  10. BMW s1000 rr

    I assume your after something more than std.
  11. TV & internet packages, recommendations please

    Only downside I've found with the eurosport app is that they don't always have all the racing in the video section so if you can't watch it streamed live then it's not always good. Maybe theres a way to record live streams?
  12. will 2012-14 s1000rr fairings fit 2010-11 bike

    I've fitted the 10 fairings to a 12 bike without any problems so can't see it being an issue the other way
  13. No Limits Cadwell 16th Aug Fast

    Aye, still looking.