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  1. BMW S1000RR refresh

    Anyone know what I'll likely need to replace on an engine refresh. Bike is 2012 with 9.5k miles mostly on track. Done some endurance races but mostly track days. I've been told big ends need doing but not sure what else.
  2. PZRacing laptimer

    I'll have a look see if I can find it. I'm thick where electrics are concerned and still managed it.
  3. BMW s1000 rr

    I assume your after something more than std.
  4. TV & internet packages, recommendations please

    Only downside I've found with the eurosport app is that they don't always have all the racing in the video section so if you can't watch it streamed live then it's not always good. Maybe theres a way to record live streams?
  5. will 2012-14 s1000rr fairings fit 2010-11 bike

    I've fitted the 10 fairings to a 12 bike without any problems so can't see it being an issue the other way
  6. No Limits Cadwell 16th Aug Fast

    Aye, still looking.
  7. PM me if your looking to sell a place
  8. D211's

    D211 were superceded by D212. If they are late manufacture & stored correctly they could very well be OK. D211 were manufactured by motorsport division so were very good. D211 gp racer are mass manufactured and not the same.
  9. Master Cylinder Problems?

    Been having the same issue myself. Bought a new mc & still having same problem. If I leave a tie wrap on for 24 hrs it's loose when I get back to it. Been thru this about 4 times & bleeding in between & it looks like it might be ok. Bit of a daft one but when replacing fluid you need to make sure calipers are empty. If bleed nipple is on top then you'll need to remove caliper.
  10. Connecting a rain light to existing wiring

    If I left the brake switch connected it'd give everyone a laugh at how early some people brake. I'll have a check & see if my standard switchgear has a switch for the lights.
  11. Connecting a rain light to existing wiring

    Cheers Ferit. Bike was a road bike before being prepped as race bike. Would I wire to brake light at back or rear light?
  12. Connecting a rain light to existing wiring

    Is it this simple on a BMW S1000 or does canbus cause problems?
  13. Clutch steel plates

    STM dealer will know different thicknesses. Are steel plates from Honda or stm design?