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  1. engine has starter motor, clutch, all covers fitted no coils or plugs. a good standard engine with a good working standard slipper clutch. I'll guarentee this as a good running engine, but can not guarentee anything after that. its only out as i've swapped mine for a mega tuned item Any questions, just ask
  2. mr grumpy

    New tyres

    Sunday may be good. I'll PM my number.
  3. mr grumpy

    New tyres

    I'm just after the 2 fronts Will you be passing the Peterborough area?
  4. mr grumpy

    New tyres

    I'm near Peterborough.
  5. mr grumpy

    New tyres

    What dates are on the pirelli front slicks?
  6. Exactly what I thought, when I saw it. I was half interested in this then thought, "hang on, its dearer if I do this", so booked something else for me and the wife instead.
  7. the purchase of another bike forces the sale of this one. 2010 bike with V5 Bitubo suspension front and rear Ohlins damper (proper one, not the standard item, serviced not long ago) Flashed ECU (Woolich i think) CRC fairing in black Double bubble screen Carbon frame protectors Carbon swing arm covers Large Febur rad Thumb brake Goodridge lines Samco hoses Akrapovic headers with Arata can Captive rear brake caliper Captive spacers HM shifter Valter moto rearsets in race shift Galfer Discs Spare set of wheels some spares including sprockets, exhaust, fairing the bike doesn't want for a lot to be honest, ready to get on and ride and well serviced £5000 bear with on the pics as i had a fuel spillage which ruined the paint on the tank, so i'll respray this.
  8. mr grumpy

    zx6r 2010 track bike

    No, sorry
  9. mr grumpy

    Kawasaki ZX6R Supersport - BREAKING

    very trusted seller. I bought the engine, sent lots of money to his account, was kept informed what was happening and a lovely engine turned up today as promised. Thank you 👍👤
  10. mr grumpy

    2009 zx6r tuned race engine

    Just wondering if anyone has one for sale. Let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks
  11. mr grumpy

    2009 zx6r tuned race engine

    Now sorted. Thank you to the lovely gentleman above.
  12. mr grumpy

    2009 zx6r tuned race engine

    Pm'd you my phone number
  13. I'm after the Male and female plugs that go to the coil sticks on a Kawasaki. Has anyone got anything? Thanks
  14. mr grumpy

    Broken power commander or similar

    Thank you Mark.
  15. mr grumpy

    Kawasaki zx6r 09-18 kit loom

  16. mr grumpy

    MoTec bits for sale

    Prepare to be patient, samcriso. This bloke is a nightmare to try and buy stuff from.
  17. mr grumpy

    up graded zx10 standard calipers

    What's been done to them?
  18. mr grumpy

    Pirelli Slick 180/60 SC1 new

    I'll have that off you. Pm coming.
  19. mr grumpy

    Brembo master cylinder

    Brembo master cylinder or similar. Preferably with a span adjuster Thanks
  20. mr grumpy

    Rsv4 bits

    Has anyone got anything? I've bought a standard damaged bike, so am after any aftermarket bits, any track bits, anything considered Thank you
  21. mr grumpy

    09 zx6r aftermarket bell mouths

    I'm after a set of fancy bellmouths for my 09 zx6r. Has anyone got anything?
  22. mr grumpy

    09 zx6r aftermarket bell mouths

    I've been slow and keep missing out. I'm still looking
  23. mr grumpy

    09 zx6r aftermarket bell mouths

  24. mr grumpy

    09 zx6r left switch gear

    As title. I only need the plug really so don't mind if it's damaged.

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