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  1. Hm dash wanted

    Could you send a link. Only backplates showing when I search
  2. Hm dash wanted

    Has anyone got a second hand one for sale?
  3. Speedangle laptimer

    Now sold
  4. Speedangle laptimer

    speedangle datalogger/laptimer with lean angle measurement This is like new,hardly used and boxed with leads This is in mint condition and fully boxed with instructions. £325 On eBay £175 posted to normal UK post codes
  5. HELP!!!! GEN1 ZX10R

    Code 32 is the sub throttle sensor. I think this is a variable 0-5v signal so cant be fixed with a resistor which is constant (hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong). The cheapest fix will be to plug just the sensor back on the end of the wire. I'm sure it's the size of a tps if memory serves me right.
  6. Cbr600rr kit geni

    Do you like dark or milk chocolate hobnobs?
  7. HRC Data logger USB problem

    I will ask her later.
  8. Cbr600rr kit geni

    Are you accepting any food substances (biscuits mainly), magazines or sexual favours as currency?
  9. HRC Data logger USB problem

    My mrs installed a usb driver onto our laptop wlhen i had mine as i had the same problem. I'm not very technical hence giving it to her.
  10. YEC Handle bar map switch

    234 for switches!!!! I've got one you can have. The orange and black wires are cut, but enough there to solder onto.
  11. Bits for sale zx10r mainly

    Is the thumb brake still for sale?
  12. MV F3 675

    I have: Track Fairing with seat unit and screen Maxton rear shock Termignoni titanium/carbon tip exhaust can and link pipe to eliminate the cat Ohlins steering damper
  13. Brand new furygan one piece 44-46

    Frs Prime £550 worth
  14. I purchased these and they don't fit. It says 48/58 on the label, but not a chance! They are a small 46 or big 44, if you catch my drift. Black and white and brand new. Offers around £375
  15. UK 48/50 one piece leathers

    Still looking. SP21r, could you get in touch. I did pm you.