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  1. Could you email me some pics of Hel hoses please. Jamesproffitt@live.co.uk
  2. Wanted as above. Thanks.
  3. Complete gearbox in superb condition. £470
  4. Thanks everyone. Looks like a faulty HM quickshifter may have been back feeding the injectors and spiking the ECU. Worse still I don't think it was ever plugged in when I got the bike!!
  5. Hi, Did you ever get to the bottom of this fault? My BMW is doing something very similar. Think mine may be caused busy a faults HM quickshifter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jim
  6. Looking to source ECU for a BMW S1000RR. Needs to include keys as I'm told these are coded to the ecu. Thanks
  7. Do you have any idea where I can source a wiring diagram or connectors etc. It must be something simple.
  8. Looks like a trip to my local garage. Thanks for the advice. 👍🏼
  9. HELP / ADVICE REQUIRED BMW S1000RR!!!!!!! I'm hoping someone on here has had experience in refitting and engine in to an S1000 and may be able to help me. I've recently had the engine out of the bike to refresh the gearbox. Refitted the engine last night, replugged all of the wiring harness and I now have the following problems: * Dash if showing 186mph on screen. * No neutral light or gear indicator. The neutral light comes on with the ignition and goes through its usual check then goes out. * Relays mounted on rear subframe seem to be randomly clicking with no obvious reason. * Engine management light on. As sensors are plugged in and appear to be correct. Do I need to re-collaborate the gear indicator somehow? I'm somewhat perplexed and need it sorting asap as I'm out testing soon. 🙈 Thanks in advance.
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