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  1. But before you reach for the anorak it's not a racing related thing, it's just a normal pub quiz with proceeds going to the Hertfordshire air ambulance. Go to the their facebook page; The boot Dane End and go from there. The Boot proudly presents The Boot Big Pub Quiz. £5 entry, per person.Teams of 4 players, maximum.Tickets available from The Boot. Please ask at the bar.All proceeds to go to the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance
  2. A friend of mine has a Speed triple R and it needs some electrical help. It's dead in a corner in the Benfleet area of Essex. Has anyone any reccomendations for her? She just wants it collected and repaired, preferably locally. Cheers
  3. Hi folks, I'm writing this to you as one of the Bemsee club commentators. We'd like to know more about you. It's no use moaning that you never get a mention, give us a reason to talk about you, regardless of whereabouts in the field you're playing. Just go here and fill in the form, as much or as little as you like. If you haven't updated it for a couple of years feel free to do so. You might not be able to hear us but it will make your fan club happy. Try the link here; https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdgko8XUhQgFowmkPeLJM64MFqXZIDIO04igSuq8GYFZ8O28Q/viewform?usp%3Dfb_send_fb&fbzx=-6720846517195120000 Or if that doesn't work go the Bemsee page, info centre and find the tell the commentators bit there. If you have any live news you wish to share with the world, especially at trackside you can tweet me, @Bemseecom If you want any mentions to friends, families etc. feel free to send a message over. I'm not wishing Drew Peacock a happy birthday again though! I'll try and tweet the results as we go over the race weekends as well.
  4. Hi folks I realised last weekend that we're a bit behind with getting stuff to talk about as we can't chat to everyone at a meeting and we've not pushed commentary sheets in to peoples hands either. So please, if you're racing at Bemsee then follow this link; https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-ua0VUWh8iyrHz3n_yhQLmC5RshCbnkQPScC_pq5c9M/viewform?usp%3Dfb_send_fb&fbzx=-6720846517195120000 Fill it in and we'll try and talk about you. Wifi permitting we should also have a Tweet the commentator service working at future meetings using @bemseecom This is a serious toe in the water thing as I'm not a tweeter so I'm hoping it will work OK. It will be great if you can tell us why you retired in a race or anything else that adds to the day. We look forward to reading all about you. KR
  5. From Gumtree We are looking for someone who is well-spoken, presentable, punctual, reliable, has a happy demeanour, who genuinely likes helping people and who can show some initiative to join our team at Infinity Motorcycles, the leading supplier of motorcycle clothing and accessories in central London. These are not just some idle words in an advert. We really are looking for someone who meets the above description. You are out there. We just need to find you. Seriously, if you don't meet these requirements then please don't apply, I think McDonalds are hiring though. This is a full time job, however if you are only available part-time then please get in touch as there may be a role for you if you are the right person. We don't mind if English is not your first language, we do however need you to speak very good English. In fact a second language could well work in your favour as we’re a popular destination with tourists. Your main task will be helping our customers as we are a very customer focused business. Our staff are our biggest asset in a competitive environment so we need you be good at what you do. To this end you will be required to spend time in training, often as a guest of our suppliers which may include weekday overnight stays. Other duties include merchandising, tidying up, unpacking and all those other things that are involved with working in a shop. Some basic computing skills would be handy as well. We offer a very competitive wage package including a generous commission structure and excellent staff discounts after a qualifying period. We retail a wide range of motorcycle clothing and associated items. You do not need to have any experience of bikes to work here as we will teach you everything you need to know, however a bike licence is a serious asset in this job as obviously all of our customers ride bikes. We sell everything from basic beginners gear right up to £3000 airbag race suits. You must be willing to learn and have the confidence to sell to our customers, you need to be the expert. Ideally we are looking for somebody who can start immediately. You will be required to work at both our Holborn and Great Portland street stores. There may be occasions when you need to work at other branches as well. All of our stores are accessible by public transport. We are open seven days a week and as a consequence you will be expected to work Saturdays with a day off in the week. You will also be required to be available for one out of every three to four Sundays for which a bonus rate applies. If you think that you are the sort of person we are looking for then please feel free to send me a CV with a bespoke letter explaining why you think we should hire you. If this simple task is beyond you then you’re not the person we are looking for. Please send your CV to me, Keith, at gps@infinitymotorcycles.com Obviously we receive a lot of replies, over 200 for the last position, so can’t reply to everyone. If you are short listed we will invite you in for an interview next Tuesday or Wednesday at one of our central London stores. We are a great company to work for, we enjoy social evenings out together as well as other activities which unsurprisingly, mainly centre around motorcycles. Most of our guys and girls have been with us for years and genuinely enjoy working here. We do not tolerate fools or people looking for an easy ride so only apply if you really want to work here.
  6. Proskins. They make getting the suit on and off a lot easier, especially after a race when you're sweaty. They also keep you at a better temprature, wick moisture from the skin and help muscle recovery. Yes I sell them :-). But look at the BSB paddock and see how many people are wearing them. Very few are sponsored for them KR
  7. Hi folks I make no apologies for putting this on here. Too many of us have used this service in the past and sadly I think we all know that there will be the (hopefully rare) occasion when we'll see them again. Chris (Newbigging) and Tony (Hoare) are making the big effort on Thursday/Friday this week,, myself and some of the other guys will be joining them on Friday for the Hull to Cadwell leg. I know we all get loads of begging emails these days but please consider chucking something in the pot for this one. It's not only twatish motorcycle racers that use this service. Thanks folks. Chris' post; Money: it's overrated. Unless you're an air ambulance charity, in which case it's vital to sticking a whirly-bird in the air with the intention of getting the seriously sick/injured to a hospital. Exactly just over a year a go, the Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance scooped up Tony Hoare after a racing accident at Cadwell Park, and took him to Hull Royal Infirmary. 365 days before that, they did the exact same for Keith Roissetter. Both of them survived and made a good recovery thanks to the chopper getting them to help, fast. So this Thursday, Tony and I are cycling 100 miles from Stamford to Hull to raise funds for this important charity and service. We're unfit and our bikes are sugar, so that's some undertaking. On Friday, we're riding a further 45 miles to Cadwell, accompanied by several other YPM racers to complete Tony's reverse loop. If you can put anything in to the fund - even if you just skip that last pint at the pub and chuck a few quid in, it all helps. You'll only get a hangover anyway. Linky: http://www.justgiving.com/ypmchopper
  8. I've just had a tale told to me that I'm going to pass on to annoy you. It sure pisses me off anyway. Someone from the motorcycle trade organised a couple of full hospitality passesfor the recent BSB meeting at Cadwell through Samsung Honda. These were auctioned off on Ebay for a charity to raise money for a sadly brain injured young chap. Someone wins them for £260, heads off to Cadwell for the weekend. Then the following week contacts Ebay and claims the passes didn't live up to their expectations and they want a refund. Ebay of course sides with the buyer and the nice man was forced to refund the money! I sure hope Karma serves this merchant banker a load of sugar. I struggle to believe it was anything other than premeditated, and if you hear of someone boasting about it in the pub feel free to dish out some instant Karma. KR
  9. All good, looks like we have a plan in place. Thanks for the input, and the joke!
  10. We're after someone to supply and fit a simple hot water heater/tap unit at work. You know the sort of thing, it sits on the wall, you turn it on and hot water comes out of the pipe. Rather than ring some random company I thought I'd offer it out in our community. We're a small shop in central London ( Great Portland street) and we're here 7 days a week, in fact from a parking a van and not being charged to drive into town point of view Sundays would be a great day to do it. Obviously it's pound notes. Give me a call on 020 7637 5002 if you can help. Cheers Keith
  11. dsc88dsc88 says that Steve Brogan collided with another rider when the other guy slowed, I thought it was Steve who slowed and got hit by the other rider. Not looking for an argument, just clarification. KR
  12. Or not... http://motomatters.com/news/2012/08/04/rectification_rossi_at_yamaha_story_a_ho.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MotoGPMatters+%28MotoMatters%29
  13. Elain Higlett 31 July 21:59 Club Fatboy Fundraising Update - I have now had a final count up of the funds raised over the weekend and the final amount is an amazing £571.87. I would like to say a massive thanks to everyone that donated, especially as most people gave more than £2 and lots didn’t even take any sweets! Plus a big thanks to Trevor Sharp for donating the Jellyatric sweets again, the WAGS for their assistance on Saturday and a special thanks to BMCRC for donating £100, included in the total, following the problems with merging the qualifying sessions. Once again huge thanks for the generosity and support from everyone – the funds will be put to good use to help with Craig’s recovery. Thanks everyone. KR
  14. The new importers are getting right behind the product and offering the same generous ACU discount that Phoenix used to do. That means you can buy the helmets at cost which represents a very generous saving. Contact sales@moto-direct.com They will need a copy of your licence emailed to them, both sides please, and obviously tell them the model and size of the helmet you require. I imagine the discount applies to race use only visors as well. Hope this helps folks KR
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