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  1. Evening all Pics from the EMRA meeting on May 12th are now available to view: https://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f183595917 Took a little while - the TT sort of got in the way! Cheers Mike
  2. Evening all Pics from the EMRA meeting earlier this month are now available to view: https://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f574603625 Cheers Mike
  3. Morning all Pics from EMRA / FSRA May 6th are now available to view: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f75994636 Cheers Mike
  4. Been very busy at the day job, so I've been a bit late getting these up but the following meetings are now available to view on my site: CRMC Pembrey: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f821550941 EMRA Mallory 8th April: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f38596046 BHR Mallory 14th April: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f242582288 I'm currently working on last weekends EMRA stuff then I'm at Darley for BHR before heading off to the TT including both Billown meetings. Cheers Mike
  5. mike_y

    Aberdare Pics

    Evening all... Pics from Aberdare are now on my site: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f156926411 Cheers Mike
  6. Hi all Shots from the EMRA meeting at Mallory on May 14th are now available to view: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f132830904 Cheers Mike
  7. Afternoon all Images from the BEMSEE Cadwell meeting are now on my site: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f338100125 Cheers Mike
  8. Evening everybody Just finished uploading shots from the BEMSEE meeting at Brands. Just click the link if you fancy a look: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f901540951 Cheers Mike
  9. Evening all... Shots from the Boxing Day meeting at Mallory are now on my site: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f626081642 Cheers Mike
  10. Everything's now uploaded.
  11. Sorry - didn't mean to ignore you! Been a bit poorly and haven't been on here for a bit. Got a very dependent elderly relative to look out for too so it's been a bit tricky. I didn't make it to the meeting in question unfortunately.
  12. Evening... Pics from the recent Bemsee meeting at Brands are currently being uploaded to my site: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f543872308 Just got the classics, MZs & minitwins left to do. Cheers Mike
  13. Evening all Pics from the EMRA meeting on Aug 21st are now uploaded to my site: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f580400985 Cheers Mike
  14. A little bit late I know (very busy with the day job...) but the shots from BEMSEE Donington are now up on my site. Wirral 100 & BHR Darley still to come and I'm off to the TT on Friday. Keeps me out of the pub I suppose... http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f537345253 Cheers Mike
  15. Evening all. I've just finished uploading shots from last weekend's EMRA meeting at Mallory to my site. Please see link below: http://mikeyiendmotorsports.zenfolio.com/f1041128290 Not as many shots as I would have wanted as I went down with the man-flu half way through the day, so I bailed early as having the shakes is not compatible with trying to hold a big-assed lens still!
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