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  1. does anyone know why ng have stopped doing thruxton in october?? used to love that circuit
  2. hi can you send some pics to coopelee@yahoo.co.uk when was the engine last refreshed? thanks lee
  3. hi does anyone know if you have to have a rear red light for wet races ? if so what are the regs or sizes? can't find it in the acu handbook?? thanks
  4. hi can you send some pics to coopelee@yahoo.co.uk what sort of money you after? thanks lee
  5. hi can you send some pics to coopelee@yahoo.co.uk thanks. is the engine ok? thanks lee
  6. easiest way to check the power commander is to disconnect it at the block connector and put the std connector back in and then run it and see what happens!
  7. hi if it is getting hot on one pipe sounds like it is running lean on that cylinder! have you checked the injector?
  8. hi how much for suzuki fitment front wheel with discs??
  9. hi just been reading this thread are you telling me riders like shakey,rutter,hill,haga etc have to pay for there own ride? a friend of mine was talking to sean emmett and he said he was on around 100 000 a year when he was racing bsb!!
  10. hi try roy thesby he repaired my oz mag wheel which had a crack! his advert is in the back of mcn!!
  11. hi try harris they do alot of work on ohlins forks etc!!
  12. hi i race the ex bsb 954 russell savory ran! i am pretty sure a fireblade wheel up to rr6 fits that is what i have fitted to mine for wet due to my mag one starting to crack! they run the same wheel bearing i believe and pretty sure hub width is the same i'll have a check tomoz!!
  13. yeah padgetts is the only one i know of round here!! does good second hand hrc parts aswell!! speak to clive very helpful guy!!
  14. hi could be the coolant temp sensor gone wrong so fooling the bike into thinking it is alot colder than it is therefore making the mixture richer!! or is it a carb model r6??
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