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    Honda RS250's and XRO GSXR750's
  1. sennidott

    Gearbox Additives - Just Snake Juice?

    May be worth having the gearbox super finished? https://www.tsrvapourblasting.co.uk/superfinishing
  2. sennidott

    CB 500 1995 - Dash Update - New clocks - HELP???

    Sorry, no. The dash is still in its box and bike is still in bits! 😥
  3. sennidott

    CB 500 1995 - Dash Update - New clocks - HELP???

    I'm trying to build a CB500 at the moment and have bought one of these: https://www.digital-speedos.co.uk/gauges-c4/motorcycle-gauges-c27/tachometers-c32/koso-rx2nr-race-tachometer-12v-or-9v-battery-temperature-neutral-light-p32 I have not wired it up yet, but it looks pretty straightforward. Maybe a bit of overkill, but at least it will look good. 😁
  4. sennidott

    HRC Data logger USB problem

    Do you think your Mrs would remember what the name or spec of the driver was Mr Grumpy?
  5. sennidott

    HRC Data logger USB problem

    Thanks for the reply. I have the software installed on an Windows XP laptop. The manual says you must you up to Windows 2000, but i could not get the software to word on my old 2000 laptop! I have tried all the usual two stroke sources, but with out much help. Padgetts can sort it out, but they need my bike, so it looks like I may have to venture south of the border...
  6. sennidott

    HRC Data logger USB problem

    Hello, I have been trying to set up an HRC data logger on a Honda RS250 NX5, without much luck. I have uploaded the disc to my laptop etc, but when I connect the laptop to the bike, the laptop does not recognise the USB. I need to update the USB driver but no update can be found. I have found various 'updates' on line but nothing has worked so far. The cd, usb cable, data logger and loom I have are all new. I know the logger is generic to all RS and CBR race bikes, so I was hoping someone may be able to give a bit of advice on the USB set up. Cheers, Innes
  7. sennidott

    Started a blog

    I want to go racing, but your blog has confirmed that I cannot afford it!
  8. sennidott

    Brembo brake discs 0mm offset 320mm

    Try Bike Torque Racing. http://www.biketorqueracing.co.uk/brembo
  9. sennidott

    XR0 Suzuka 8hr motor

    So... much... want... Swap for an old Honda.
  10. sennidott

    Suspension Wizards - North West

    Try Gareth at Reactive Suspension. http://www.reactivesuspension.com/
  11. sennidott

    Roller starters

    Home made battery operated starter motor, made by a friend on mine. You can contact him through Facebook, or i can get in touch with him if you like. Click on the link below... 3L Road and Race
  12. sennidott

    aftermarket clip ons ?

    Tachyon clip on from Japan. A bit expensive but bloomin' gorgeous! Tachyon clip ons
  13. sennidott

    Shift light

    http://aprilsystems.co.uk/product/gcluster.pdf Don't know if April Systems would sell just the shift light?
  14. sennidott

    Honda rs125 ohlins rear shock

    There is a TTX shock for sale on Fatbaq at the moment, along with a set of Ohlins forks for your RS125. http://www.fatbaq.com/mainpage.phtml?topic=news
  15. sennidott

    Ses zx10r rear set help needed

    The HRC green reservoir tube 'sweats' which is not too good. You need tygon hose. See link below. https://www.kurveygirl.com/shop/index.php?cPath=106&osCsid=r6jn57gj5fd4gkvfdi97a4s4s3https://www.kurveygirl.com/shop/index.php?cPath=106&osCsid=r6jn57gj5fd4gkvfdi97a4s4s3 Or you could you use one of those motocross master cylinders with the built in reservoir. Hope this helps.

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