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  1. Need a new steering damper for my race bike, can anyone help please. recommendations or one i can buy. Many thanks.
  2. I'll sort some info for you chats when i get home later this evening.... many thanks Paul
  3. Dodge 34

    To much information......

  4. Dodge 34

    To much information......

    Edited my PROFILE INFORMATION, but its still showing??????????????
  5. Hi, created an advert (Bike for sale), had it pointed out my Address & phone No. are visible under my profile pic...... Help!!! how can i remove this? many thanks
  6. Dodge 34

    which 600

    ZX6R Stocker, I've had one for 2 years never let me down Now its up for sale, getting a newer one
  7. G&S Racing’s 2013 BSB national Superstock ZX6R, 2014 & 15 ThundersportGB SPEC INCLUDES:- Bitubo full suspension “Fast by Fish” Engine Power commander 5 2013 Arrow exhaust system with stubby silencer GB Racing engine covers B&M Air filter DBR Clip ons & Bars PP Rearsets QA Throttle HEL brake lines (I think!) Spares include:- levers bars footpegs Spare wheels Paddock Stands Fairing & Seat unit £7300
  8. G&S Racing’s 2013 BSB Pirelli National Superstock ZX6R £8900 ono I bought the bike of G&S Racing at the end of last season, with this being my 1st season back racing in a few years (ThundersportGB) I have kept in touch with the team boss (Mark Fisher), who with his knowledge and assistance throughout this season has helped me keep the bike in tip top race condition and supplied me with anything required to keep the bike in order, I have no spec written for the bike, but is as BSB superstock spec, as it was supplied to me, running Bitubo suspension, which is being serviced now. The bike comes with a spare set of wheels, bodywork, bars, levers, footpegs and a selection of sprockets. After speaking with G&S boss Mark Fisher this evening, he’s told me he has no problem in speaking with anyone genuinely interested with regard the bike spec. As the bike has been raced from new there is no V5, but engine and frame No.’s are visable and can be supplied. Pics can be sent on request or you can find pics with most photographers that follow ThundersportGB:- #71 Pre National 600
  9. For sale is my 2013 G&S Racing's ZX6R, its my 1st year back in the saddle and with guidance and assistance from Mark Fisher (G&S Racings team manager) all season, the bike has wanted for nothing this season to keep the bike competative and ready to race in the class i've raced in. The spec is as BSB national superstock, running Bitubo suspension, which is being serviced now. The bike comes with spare wheels, bodywork, bars, levers, footpegs & a small selection of sprockets. £8900 OVNO Anyhting i may have missed please feel free to ask.
  10. Dodge 34

    Cadwell - Blazing July

    At Last, a sunny day Cadwell
  11. Any racers want an extra bit of Cadwell time??? I can't make Cadwell this Sunday, if anyone wants to replace me Focused Events - Advanced Group £80 If your interested give me a call on :- 07920141073 Dodge.
  12. I'm booked in on Cadwell this Sunday with Focused Events, Unfortunately I can't make it, such a shame to waste a space. Its up for grabs if anybody is intersted in taking my space. Advanced Group. £80 If anyone is interested you can call me on 07920141073 Dodge.

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