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  1. Alright mate, if you have any recent pics of them could you send them over to emmettmotorsport@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Send some pics of the swingarm to emmettmotorsport@yahoo.co.uk please and is the underslung calliper a 64 or 82mm?
  3. Think I’ll keep my eyes out for this
  4. PM me a price before I press buy on this one from the states 😵
  5. Email doesn’t work, and is too late to contact you by WhatsApp, I’m interested in what R1 parts you have and some prices, also do you have why pics of the wheels and what your looking for them? Email me at emmettmotorsport@yahoo.co.uk Dean Sent from my iPhone
  6. You got an email I can send them to?
  7. You have an email or somewhere I can send them?
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