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  1. trackdaybob

    CB500 Petrol Tank Wanted.

    Got one now.
  2. trackdaybob

    CB500 Petrol Tank Wanted.

    Hi guys, I'm after a decent undamaged petrol tank for a Honda CB500 2002 model. Colour not important as it'll be painted anyway. Let me know please if you know of any available. PM me. cheers
  3. trackdaybob

    Want to start racing

    Yeah just get out there. Ultimately, trackdays (while fun) are irrelevant where racing is concerned. After a couple of meetings you'll be settled in the paddock able to just concentrate on your racing. The mentor thing bemsee do works really well. You'll be in good hands.
  4. trackdaybob

    Captive Spacers??

    Yeah, that ^^^^
  5. trackdaybob

    European track days on my own

    This. You'll have a great time, get it booked.
  6. trackdaybob

    Racing Clubs North East

    Yeah, what he said. Next meeting at East fortune mid may.
  7. trackdaybob

    Mandatory engine covers. No limits

    I'm a sorry boss
  8. trackdaybob

    Mandatory engine covers. No limits

    Plenty other clubs to race with if yer no happy with NL's regs.
  9. trackdaybob

    Triumph 675r HM Dashboard

    Didn't take long did it
  10. trackdaybob

    Van conversion companies

    GH Awnings. Nothing else comes close. Not cheap mind.
  11. trackdaybob

    Which folding loading ramp to buy?

    Same here. Similar ramp in use for longer than I remember and its not been damaged like that. Think I got mine from M&P. They're all pretty much the same. Have a look on eBay. I'd imagine you'll find one somewhere cheaper than demon twerks.
  12. trackdaybob

    7.5 ton race truck

    Four Counties are worth calling.
  13. trackdaybob

    Minitwin racing fors & Against

    He's 78 Neil and in a home, it's the bike that is a 53 plate. If he was able, there's no way I'd be getting anywhere near it As it is, it's there for the taking
  14. trackdaybob

    leather alterations in derby/notts area?

    Not exactly local to you but Cougar Leathers do a fantastic job. I'm in Lincolnshire and that's where I get mine done. Google them, it's near Cambridge.
  15. trackdaybob

    Minitwin racing fors & Against

    Hi Pip, mini twins is a cracking class, especially down south. Bemsee has a cracking, competitive grid. It really is where you want to be if you're considering it. I guess that may be a problem for you I'm not sure its so popular in Scotland, you end up on a mixed grid. Not a problem if that doesn't bother you. Plenty bikes around and they're pretty much all competitive as the rules are so tight. I'll admit I've thought about it, Dad's 53 plate SV is sat in the garage. He'll no be needing it.

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