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  1. Spanner38

    which 600

    I've run a tuned 07 675 for three seasons on the roads and never had an issue. Heard all the scare stories about reliability but never seen it. I'm also selling up so there's an opportunity for a top spec 675 going, 135bhp at the rear wheel. In all seriousness you'll find good examples of both and 5hit examples of both. Just make sure the person you're buying from knows their stuff as there's a lot of idiots I see running high revving bikes on Halfords 10/40 and wondering why they keep blowing. From there it's personal preference and what you're used to. I like the Triumph as it's thinner and kinda fits like a 400 (which I also race). The R6's tank (although not as big as a GSXR) is pretty wide. The unfortunate thing about internet forums is folks are all too quick to pass on second hand info and hearsay rather than experience.
  2. Spanner38

    tyres for the manx

    Yup that's my thoughts. Use the part worn stuff for practice then stick a new set on for the last practice/races. Although a lot of miles the roads tend not to go through tyres like short circuits.
  3. Spanner38

    Doc John Hinds

    Nicely put. Sadly missed.
  4. Spanner38

    Steel clutch plate

    Heat; and a lot of it (by discoloured I'm assuming it's kinda dark blue). Replace with new.
  5. Spanner38

    tyres for the manx

    Hi Phil, I'm riding in the same class (and the lightweights). I always used to use the Supercorsa's but recently switched to the Avon Ultra 3DExtreme for road racing. I know they seem to be favoured by many that do the manx on the wee bikes. Again a few folk refer to them as almost an intermediate tyre. I've only used them for one short circuit meeting and have to admit they were equal to the SC's. Great feedback on the road so that's what I'm going with. As for how many sets I'm planning three sets. Two will last practice (roads are not as harsh on tyres) then a new set for the races. Good luck and see you there, Derek
  6. Spanner38

    Supercorsa tyre pressures

  7. Spanner38

    SC2 front & SC1 rear??

    Most of the BSS 600 guys run that combination, I also do (just not in BSS). Gives better feedback on the front, changes your braking for the better I think. The softer on the rear the better grip you'll get more deformation on the tyre and therefore a larger contact patch. I ran soft front and med rear on both my 400 and 600 just cause that's what everyone else done. Changed to SC2 front and SC1 rear and actually prefer it now. Give it a bash, it's only a set of tyres. Don't like it swap back.
  8. Spanner38


    I stuck a Wilbers on to my ZX6 a couple of years back. Equally as good as Maxton/Ohlins etc and their customer service is great. I emailed them for some pointers on base settings based on my use, weight and obviously what bike it was. Had an answer on damping, spring and preload settings withing 24 hrs.
  9. Spanner38

    La baneza road race Spain

    Looks like the club website http://www.motoclubbanezano.es/ Possibly second weekend in Aug, dates not up yet. Looks awesome though, wonder if they'd class and old ZXR400 as a classic??
  10. Spanner38

    675 refreah

    Bob Farnham also tunes/refreshes. Done mine
  11. Spanner38

    Cookstown 100

    Cookstown is an easy start to the year (entry forms and regs now up on the site www.cookstown100.com). Busy and a good first roads race. Tandragee's great but I've still got a bit of learning to do. Will be doing both as a double weekend this year. Abrmoto; get Armoy on the calendar. It's my favorite by a long shot.
  12. Failing that, why not just stick on the standard gasket and set accordingly for the Spain trip.
  13. Tried Tony Scott at T3 racing? (http://www.t3-racing.co.uk/) or Bob Farnham is next door to T3 and refreshed my 675 (01732 887455)
  14. Spanner38

    400 weapon of choice?

    + 1 for Roger. Want a quick reliable bike speak nicely to him. ZXR's are the most popular as they were the only one officially sold in the UK so there's more of them about. Also cheaper to get power out of in comparison to the Honda's and more reliable than the FZR's. In my gear I'm 14st, admittedly I've stuck an R6 front end on mine and there's a decent ohlins shock on the read. I've got two race bikes and most of the time I prefer the wee 400; it's just bags of fun.
  15. Spanner38

    Brakes binding when hot

    Had exactly the same issue with a ZXR 400 and Triumph 675 all due to being a lazy c*nt and not cleaning the pistons properly. Race pads brake better but generally wear a lot quicker than road stuff so expect more dust in the pistons. Plus I (like most racers) don't run the dust seals. All callipers and piston stripped, cleaned, new seals, fluid and even rebuilt the master cylinders (found one of them to be installed backwards!!) and reassembled; the brakes are like an on/off switch.