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  1. google675

    11/15 zx10r radiator

    i have a zx10r rad for sale has a small repair in the bottom doesn't leak
  2. ivans jet kit are good cost effective upgrade for the carbs don't bother changing the carbs, 13s r6 master cyclinder is a good brake upgrade, front forks are good as standard, i use a mupo rear shock and really recommed them, stick with the standard air filter, do you know about the airbox mod ? total loss with help but not essential, sigma slipper clutch is a great thing to have really helps
  3. google675

    Looking at pre injection class. 5eb r6 seems favourite.

    5eb is easily the best pre injection bike in terms of performance so if your looking for that definitely the bike to have great handling and most spairs readily available
  4. google675

    R6 5eb/mt total loss

    depends how far you want to go wiring wise but you can just take the stator and reg/rec of the bike it will all work as was before and leave the rest of the wiring as it's a lot of work for not much more gain, a good machining shop should be able to machine your flywheel down make sure you still have enough for the starter gear to attach to the back of it tho it's pretty obvious as there's bolt holes in it, i've also found that lightweight lithium batteries don't like the constant discharge and re charge so get yourself a moto batt https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302631027606 like this a lot cheaper and seems to be great i'll double check which mine is for size just make sure you re charge after each session with something that puts out more than 1 amp
  5. as above 2d data logger with lots of accessories and r6 super sport loom £1100 need money for an engine rebuild open to sensible offers rob 07825612182 txt or ring for more info or pics
  6. google675

    R6 pre injection gearbox / crank

    how much for just gearbox posted thanks rob
  7. google675

    R6 5EB race fairing wanted

    i have a set of hi fibre front fairing will sell as not racing this year need some work been modified and crashed on i'm based near chichester if you want some pics pm me
  8. google675

    Website & blog, for those that may be interested

    the website wouldn’t load for me ?
  9. google675

    breaking 2011 zx10r

    radiator and exhaust now sold still available quickshifter, tank, forks, switch gears, yokes 2x subframe some straight one bent and under tray
  10. google675

    R6 5EB Yec bell mouths and Kent 14 cam's

    are these still for sale ? and can you send some pics of bellmouths
  11. google675

    breaking 2011 zx10r

    front wheel, loom, engine and shock now sold
  12. google675

    breaking 2011 zx10r

  13. google675

    breaking 2011 zx10r

    running stock engine 7000 miles 1900 frame 1250 wheels 700 tank 400 subframe x2 straight one 150 bent 80 stock headers with mhp link pipe and end can with hanger all brand new £425 rearsets valter moto £100 trans logic quickshifter £225 ohlins damper standard with bracket £125 ali clock bracket £50 rad £175 loom stock with ecu £400 throttle bodies £80
  14. google675

    breaking 2011 zx10r

    the whole bike is for sale frame forks rad engine yokes loom everything for sale
  15. google675

    breaking 2011 zx10r

    breaking track zx10 r all parts avaliable stock headers brand new mhp link pipe and end can with hanger £450 maxton shock with 2 spring weights and spair standard linkage £350 translogic intellshift quicmshifter road or race shift £225 valter moto rearsets £100 race fairings seat unit screen and tank cover £160 call or message me for pictures or info 07825612182 rob

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