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  1. Are these a direct fit on an m sport? Cheers
  2. Have a look for Ryan hoof on Facebook he usually has some sets for sale.
  3. They both say. Select Up Down Pit speed
  4. Listed separate on bds website, but both have the same buttons. I can't see it making a difference
  5. Not sure tbh would of thought the same as it's about accessing the menus, going in and out of the menus?
  6. Left and right bike sport development switch gear Excellent condition Left side is 4 buttons , right side is 3 buttons and for use with inline bolts £250 posted
  7. Sensible offers? It's just sitting on the shelf
  8. I2m chrome plus dash in mint condition still has the original screen protector on it. Comes with lambda sensor and can come with a plug and play kit for a gsxr 1000 2017 onwards £1200 posted
  9. All fairings and tank covers are carbon dash is i2m chrome plus
  10. Stripping the bike back to standard if theres anything you fancy let me know. Will be starting to strip it next week
  11. Have used this before and will be using them again... https://www.thebeachmotel.co.uk/
  12. Tenner ... no more take it or leave it Cant believe its not sold tbh
  13. Brand new never fitted £90 posted See below https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/YOSHIMURA-EXTENSION-CORD-COVER-TANK-RACING-TANK-PAD-SUZUKI-GSX-R-1000-2017/263541394816?hash=item3d5c4a8d80:g:sQwAAOSws0lZ5hGV
  14. I did pm u straight away but your inbox was full. Needed to be the spigot one mate, no probs cheers anyway
  15. Ill take the spigot front stand Mark will pick it up for me monday
  16. When i had a k9 1000 the underslung bracket ment i could use k7/k8 wheels in the k9
  17. will have the details by tomora
  18. i think i know who this is...
  19. i should imagine thats what he probably ment
  20. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Zx10+2011+service+manual+download
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