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  1. thmjo1

    Selling my bikes

    Hi Scott, could you send pics of the NC29 stuff to mike@fbii.co.uk. Cheers
  2. Hi Pics please to mike@fbii.co.uk Thanks
  3. thmjo1


    Is this still available?
  4. Hi Could you send pictures to mike@fbii.co.uk Cheers
  5. thmjo1

    AMB 260 transponder

  6. thmjo1

    AMB 260 transponder

    PMd back mate, got someone else interested if you've changed your mind.
  7. thmjo1

    Supermoto tyre warmers

    Selling my Supermoto tyre warmers. Used twice so in 'as new' condition. Fit 160 rear and 120 front (F400, Minitwin) £75 Cheers
  8. thmjo1

    AMB 260 transponder

    Selling my transponder. Works fine. Includes mains and in car chargers as well as holder to fit it to your bike. Looking for £195 posted. Cheers
  9. My NC29 race bike is now on evil bay, item no. 263093321828 (dont know how to post links!) Thanks for looking
  10. thmjo1

    suzuki gsxr 400 gk76a

  11. thmjo1

    suzuki gsxr 400 gk76a

    Have a look on 'grey bike forum' if you haven't already, lots of stuff on there
  12. thmjo1

    Mercedes vito 109 cdi

    Could you sens pics to mike@fbii.co.uk please? Where abouts are you?
  13. thmjo1

    Proflex shock refurb

    Good man Mart, thanks
  14. thmjo1

    Proflex shock refurb

    As per title, does anyone know where I can get an old Proflex shock refurbed? Preferably in the North West but doesnt have to be. Thanks

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