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  1. Looking to start racing again but only interested in turning up on a Sunday and race, trying to keep it simple and fun can’t be bothered with 3-4 days away and all the expenses that go with that, been there done it! Thoughts/advice
  2. Hi can anyone advise me on the correct pressure(COLD) for metzler racetech's Thanks.. Richard.
  3. Hi,just had a superbike fairing delivered and got screen from cresent suzuki,really helpfull people. Richard.
  4. Hi,how much for wheels with discs please?? Thanks.
  5. Hi,what part of uk are you in? Thanks. Richard
  6. replicast ran these fairings on there bsb 125race bikes last yr and now sell them to the public.www.replicastuk.com
  7. What model gsxr please??? and what other parts?? Thanks.
  8. Hi can anybody help with gearing for indy brands suzuki k9 1000 PLEASE?
  9. Hi all i am trying to locate a race fairing and seat unit that is superstock legal,seat needs to use standard road seat,i have been let down on this and now time is running out!!!! will consider new/used but not crashed. Thanks. Richard.
  10. Hi,can anyone advise me on gearing i need for gsxr k9/10 for brands hatch indy? and also what range of sprockets i will be needing. Thanks.Richard.
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