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  1. poppie

    Donington Park

    Anyone got 2 spaces for Donny on Thursday any group ...... Cheers Martin 07958 244680
  2. poppie

    le mans

    Going to le mans in August with no limits, just wanted to know what hotel to book if anybody's got any advice , Cheers Martin
  3. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

    i,m not racing this one it,s just a fun bike , i just want to go around the outside of a few BMW,s on the tight circuit,s
  4. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

    spare wheels with new wets just been powder coated
  5. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

    maxton front&rear R1 calipers tuned head 105bhp , really clean , i,m well happy i did,nt think i,d get such a nice one
  6. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

    All sorted now , i,ve got one
  7. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

  8. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

    prices ?
  9. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

    a couple of pics of both bikes would be nice , it could take my fancy
  10. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

    you can send some pics of your over if your thinking of selling
  11. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

    im looking for a 3tj really, cheers though.
  12. poppie

    FZR 400 / 600

    Anyone got an FZR 400 with 600 engine i,ve looked at a couple over the past year or so but they,ve been a bit shabby looking, Cheers Martin 07958 244680 [martinfaulkner1@outlook.com]
  13. poppie

    5eb r6 pr-injection

    Or whatsapp 07958244680
  14. poppie

    5eb r6 pr-injection

    The wet bike bud , I gave you the wrong email martinfaulkner@outlook.com
  15. poppie

    5eb r6 pr-injection

    what part of the country are you in and have you got any pics, cheers fella, martinfaulkner1@live.com

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