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  1. all sold mate
  2. my pal is after a black 2012 swingarm for his road bike . must be a minter with no marks . pm if you have owt , or know of any . cheers
  3. Sorry sold . Cheers
  4. Pics sent
  5. ;-) to an Aprilia rs250 but I also had one on my rsv4 and all my other bikes I've owned . thanks
  6. It's done 3 trackdays only . Pics on route
  7. Excellent condition and genuine ( not a copy ) Great upgrade . £130 posted no fees please . Advertised elsewhere also . Cheers
  8. wanted 1 space in above . Pm if have owt .
  9. Not had the pics I requested yet mate.
  10. Pics , location , spring/s rates and location to glenn.mugello@talktalk.net cheers
  11. Message sent re suspension cheers glenn
  12. I've gone from rsv4 with ohlins to 2012 blade with bpf and balance free shock .( std items ) bike is very good ( road bike ) but it is lacking feel when fully cranked over . tyres are same as I was running on rsv4 . I've read that the forks can lack feel at full lean / cornering . i don't have a money tree , but if I had the forks re-valved and sprung for my weight and shock sprung for weight would it give me the feel I'm looking for . I've tried setting some different settings on the std suspension but still don't have same type of feel on full lean . thanks in advance
  13. Pm sent
  14. 1 full set of front pads ( for both calipers ) Brand new in packet . Not opened .Fitment for SP blade rsv4 factory plus bmw , ducatis 675 etc ( I think ) all M4 calipers Parts no Brembo SC 07BB37SC. So check please to be sure £78 posted . Or £70 collected No fees please
  15. Selling a pair of michelin pilot power 2CT120 f 190 rear taken of a fireblade and done 2 miles on road in wet . Still got bobbles ( in middle and sides ) and mould lines . Cheap set of tyres @ £130 posted No fees or bank transfer .Pics on request ,