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  1. Hi all, looking for a 115 rear k tech spring if anyone has one.
  2. My wife just done mine at work, battery had to come from aboard but works mint now. Pm me if you want
  3. Just wondering if anyone as fitted a full Arrow race system to a 2011 onwards 600/750. Got one but it seems to run very close to the oil filter, would be very thank you of any help!
  4. I'm not but have a firend who is, so will ask him to see. Thanks for your help
  5. Morning chaps, I know it's a long shot but whilst racing at Aintree on Saturday I lost a white o/s tank protector from my gixxer. Just wondering if anyone knows it's whereabouts.?
  6. Know I would forget some things,the bike also as the following Roger Upperton head (for people not in the know, Mr oil cooled suzuki) Radial front brake master cylinder Additional crank breathers (oil filler, alternater blanking plate)
  7. Lookng to sell 1986 GSXR1100 race bike. D reg with V5. I bought this Dec 14 as a street fighter and converted it to a race bike. Only raced at the isle of man over the last three years. Resulting in 2 reps and a DNF in 2016 due to vacuum pipe coming off fuel tap. I have now replaced this tap with a high flow (non vacuum type) The following is a list of modifications (ill probably miss something along the way) Uprated front end with Maxton internals and rebound/compression preload adjustment 1052 engine with Wesco 1109 pistons Dyno 2000 with Taylor leads and dyno coils Mikuni RS38 flat side carbs Maxton rear shock (new build for bike) Modified rear shock mount to take ride height adjuster Underbraced swingarm 17 inch wheels front and back 520 chain Enlarged fuel tank Custom wiring loom £4200 Photos can be sent to any interested parties
  8. Without it you'll be too short geared!
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