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  1. jimmy43

    Easy Track have gone bust...

    and in mine ,he even gets hodgson to put a word in now and again during his commentary seems to carry some clout with some one
  2. jimmy43

    Donnington 23/4 report

    that looks strange seen to let go pretty early ?
  3. jimmy43

    Dunlop compound info

    think the French are different tyres to the uk made ones
  4. jimmy43


    errrrm NO ... get more taking it to the scrap yard mate thanks but no thanks
  5. jimmy43

    Dunlop compound info

    so is a 8838 hard / endurance rear any good or not ? as I bought one off someone on here who says they work and are not that hard / making me think now,
  6. jimmy43


    should say EXHAUST oops
  7. as title taken off a brand new bike bubble wrapped in garage inc cans ,down pipes link etc OFFERS cheers
  8. jimmy43

    Sabotage at BSB

    just wondering what hicks has got to say about it or is he to busy licking the top teams arse
  9. jimmy43

    Sabotage at BSB

    happened to me a few years ago at Cartagena ,pretty sick thing to do, actually,now I don't put my adjuster on the marker dot keep it one way or the other
  10. jimmy43

    Bought bike with fake frame numbers

    give him 1 day to give you your cash back or take it to the police ,take your own parts off and name and shame him on every web site you can and if hes at bsb as you say hes a well known racer go up to him when hopefully cameras etc are around don't fk about with him ,think its about time people start sticking up for their rights
  11. yes dano it was an akra and had 101-103 depending on track etc without baffle
  12. jimmy43

    Seat Foam, where to get the good stuff!

    mine come pre fitted but is good was off highfibre racing products think its dave you talk to ,
  13. ive used the full titanium but not the evo that passed ok 103 was the highest without baffle ,that was a 09 blade
  14. jimmy43

    Dunlop D211's or Racetec Interact K3's ???

    would have thought so most you see on a track day use sticky rubber in all groups ,it depends on you end of the day if you feel happier on k3 stick with them ,

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