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  1. stockcar


    It states on the entrance 'news'
  2. stockcar

    Help wanted bridgnorth

    Sorry no where near but can tell you for free he's obviously a Cnut........ shitheads near their hands chopped off
  3. stockcar

    Gsxr 750 k1 fork swap to k5/6 1000

    A while since i did similar but from mmeory they are a straight bolt in with the matching later Yokes, i simply used the matching radial calipers
  4. stockcar

    Suzuki GSXR 750 K1 RACE PARTS

    Have a full fairing / seat unit kit if required?? North East based
  5. stockcar

    Kyle O'Donovan

    Never knew him but sad for you and the family's loss......
  6. stockcar

    James Cowton

    Been a brutal year..........sad tmes
  7. stockcar

    Brembo classic calipers

    Anyone have any new or good condition Brembo 20.2945.12
  8. stockcar

    William Dunlop

    Terrible losses fo one family.........
  9. stockcar

    Dan kneen

    Terrible news and also Mercers accident straight after...........
  10. stockcar

    chinese clipons

    The main difference with Chinese stuff is simply quality control....... Taiwan has been one of the 'best' for years if the factory is under Euro / US type management then they will be tip top - it appears when left to their own devices the quality std is hap hazard at best
  11. stockcar

    What’s your opinion on brake pads?

    PFC....... ask Gearlink
  12. stockcar

    Spanner man in the north East

    Cant help time wise but i know the guys at AS Performance, Birtley help out loads of local guys with brake parts, etc.......
  13. stockcar

    Merry Christmas

    Cheers, all the best
  14. stockcar

    Spondon gsxr 1000 k1-4 swingarm wanted

    Not sure fitment differences but saw this on egay currently https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-GSXR-1000-K9-L16-Harris-Quick-Release-Rear-Swing-Arm-Swingarm-Swinger-/282717303170?hash=item41d343b182

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