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  1. Did I miss the price or is it on ebay or something .
  2. Tried ebay no , not working .
  3. niloc nuts

    zx10r wheels

    Tried ebay no , not working .
  4. niloc nuts

    Triumph engine

    675 ??
  5. niloc nuts

    Yec r6 Ecu 13s

    Sorry mines 14B-8591A-70
  6. niloc nuts

    Yec r6 Ecu 13s

    Do you know part no.
  7. niloc nuts


    Price ?
  8. niloc nuts

    R1 14B race parts

    Why not put pics on here.
  9. niloc nuts

    Race kit for sale

    Size 9 = euro 43 .
  10. niloc nuts

    2015 R1 Track/Race Bike

    Good on you Mat .
  11. niloc nuts

    2015 R1 Track/Race Bike

    Did ya sell it or change your mind & keep it .
  12. niloc nuts

    Transponder charger

    Are you saying your looking for a transponder as well as a charger.
  13. niloc nuts

    Transponder charger

    MOTO PERFORMANCE. HAS AN "OLD STYLE" CHARGING ASSY . £58.99. 08456430659. If that helps mate .
  14. niloc nuts

    Transponder charger

    If you just need the charging adaptor its 13.5v -40ma .The charging base is specific to the Transponder.