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  1. niloc nuts

    Daytona Evo III race boots

    Might need to state size
  2. niloc nuts


    Just interested to know if you solved the coolant problem after all the suggestions on here. How did the pressure test go.
  3. niloc nuts

    Factory / works GSXR 1000 parts

  4. niloc nuts


    So what was the problem Arran ?
  5. niloc nuts

    2017 GSX-R 1000 Superstock

    Who rode this ? Nice bit of kit.
  6. niloc nuts

    2017 GSX-R 1000 Superstock

    Price might help, & no price on your ZX6.
  7. niloc nuts

    Zx10r 2016

    ??Spare wheels . WOW's
  8. niloc nuts

    Dunlop kr108 slick

    Ms4 is that endurance compound .
  9. niloc nuts


    Hope your pressure test comes up OK, and good luck with the 8 hr @ Donni'.
  10. niloc nuts


    +1 spot on T04.
  11. niloc nuts


    There's your tell tale head gasket sign, the gunk on the rad cap,oil getting into your cooling system. Do that pressure test soon . I personally would order a head gasket now.
  12. niloc nuts


    Water pressurised @ 15psI (1.1bar) will boil @ 256 'F (125 C) so if it's boiling @ 85 deffo as qb says lack of pressure in system . New rad cap is cheapest first option to check.
  13. niloc nuts


    Could you borrow a known good rad cap from another bike and run her up in your storage area hot enough to get fan on or something let's off steam. Most jap rad caps are 1.1bar and std size .
  14. niloc nuts


    How high is water level in catch bottle when cold. Try it at min level when cold. If at min already then as qb suggests head gasket suspect.
  15. niloc nuts


    If it's spitting over screen sounds like a hole in rad. Is rad cap and all hoses sound. Waterwetter might help bring temp down if all else is good .

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