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  1. Wanted 2017 race bodywork, don't mind a bit of damage, been out of game for about 8 years and can't believe how much new stuff is! Cheers Ian
  2. Hi, anybody got any 58mm clipons to fit marzocchi forks? Cheers Ian
  3. Hi im after subframe with battery tray tank with pump race body work (don`t mind damaged as long as its repairable) pc3 and like always im on a tight budget. cheers Ian
  4. got a l0 bitubo fork kit, yoshimura showa kit shock,shifter, pc5,new promach rearsets,new gb coveres, bikestyle bodywork,leovince sbk system single can, kit plugs, another set of rims compleat, 520 kit and some scrubs. £6000
  5. Hi mate £430 for the bodywork compleat with tank and keyless filler pump ect would need to be collected its never been crashed.ill mail you some pics later. cheers ian
  6. Hi quickshifter is linked into the loom and ecu its a dynojet push sencor £75 for the sencor or £250 delivered for the loom ecu and sencor. cheers
  7. Hi mate rearsets have never been used but have been fitted I payed £365 for them you can have them for £260 delivered, someone has first dibbs on frame and sorry no slipper clutch. cheers Ian
  8. Hi john £125 delivered for the covers delivered as stated they have been fitted but never used
  9. Hi martin yes I have a good motor numbers present and correct just want to give it a couple of days to see how much intrest I get in other stuff. Cheers Ian
  10. fully specked bike everything available eg showa kit shock spare spring full leovince sbk system bike style body work including tank (new tyco colours) engine 5000 road miles 2 sets wheels with disc bitubo kitted forks spare springs pc5 quickshifter promach rear sets unused but have been fitted to bike gb engine covers unused but have been fitted all other parts available clocks subframe ect let me know what you want and ill giive you a price. cheers ian
  11. Quickshifter enabled, all fault codes removed, +250 revs, ABC mode disabled, immobiliser disabled, std damper stiffened, switcable map. You would still need to run a pc3/5 or bazzaz for fueling. Iv ended up with 2 so just want my money back for 1 £180 delivered. cheers Ian
  12. 15 48 should see a 1.36 if your faster than that go smaller on the rear
  13. Hi can any one comfirm that the tensioner is interchangable between modles, they look diffrent but mount the same. cheers Ian
  14. Im having a spring clean its all on flebay but if anybody on here wants anything just let me know. just look in the other items on this link cheers Ian http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251258602502?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  15. Race can and link pipe Subframe STD left rearset STD throttle cables After market steering damper Cheers Ian
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